What’s in my bag? Why do you care?

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The first time I watched a “What’s in my bag” video on YouTube I got a distinctly dirty feeling, like I had just stumbled upon a friend’s porn stash. There’s an element of titillation, and an element of disgust. Sure, you want to see what your friend is into (the teasing possibilities are truly endless); but you’re also sort of revolted more than you can explain. And that is how I felt when I shakily directed my cursor to the play button before watching my first video. You know that you shouldn’t… and yet you know that you’re absolutely going to any way!

To this day, I have probably watched over 200 “What’s in my bag” videos.

Now, I don’t like to buy into the argument that exposure leads to action (horror movies do not make people commit horrific acts, for example); but there is something to be said when it comes to YouTube. That first “What’s in my bag”was a gateway into a perverse world of watching complete strangers empty the contents of their bags all over their bed or floor, and to this day I cannot stop watching these videos. Two of the bags in these photos I purchased after watching their former-owner do a “What’s in my bag” video. That’s quite alarming really, and it doesn’t stop with the bags themselves. Since discovering the voyeuristic joys of YouTube I have purchased cosmetics, clothing, DVDs, a phone… Hell, I’ve even amended Holiday itineraries to include places I saw on someone’s travel Vlog!

The Bags, however, are the real danger spot for me. I could watch five “What’s in my bag”videos a day, and I don’t think that I would get sick of them. I’m intrigued by the banality of the videos, of seeing strangers show me their favourite type of chewing gum, or a pen that they stole from a Doctor’s office, or the scrap of fabric from that dress fitting six months ago… And I don’t know why! What’s worse is I know that if I keep watching them, sooner or later I am going to find myself buying another bag!

What do you think? Do you like watching a What’s in my bag video? Does YouTube inspire you to buy? Let me know in the Comments section below!

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