Wardrobe Stories: MaterialByproduct Silk Scarf


I received a text message yesterday from Susan Kelly of Department of the Exterior, informing me that my silk scarf from MaterialByproduct had arrived in store and was ready to be collected.

Unfortunately I did not get a proper chance to thank Susan for all her help, as I parked incredibly illegally to run in and collect the beautiful silk piece, dashing out of the boutique with the scarf wrapped in delicate white tissue and promising all sorts of artisnal fun to be had. I knew from the moment that I saw the amazing woven ribbon print that designer Susan Dimasi produced for MaterialByproduct’s contribution to Melbourne Now; that I wanted to own something from the collection. Now I do.


The gorgeous silk scarf was a fantastic decision: it is a huge square of the specially printed silk fabric, trimmed on two sides with silk ribbon, and left raw and unfinished on the other two. I have spent significant period of time this evening draping and tying the scarf around my neck, experimenting with the best ways to show off the print, the details, the luxury. The scarf is at once heavy and light, smooth and textured. It changes and melds from moment to moment as I turn it over in my hands, throw it around my neck or drag it along my shoulder. I do not know quite how to handle this precious piece of live-in luxury and yet I cannot keep my hands off it.


The details of the scarf are a huge draw for me. It is so nice to see that the attention to these details, which is synonymous with the MaterialByproduct name, are carried over so lovingly into something as simple as a silk scarf. The silk ribbon binding on the edges is gorgeously stitched using alternating black and white thread, which you cannot even notice unless you are looking intently at the piece, but it is this sort of thing that makes the piece a cut above the rest. The tag is a whole other matter- silk-satin ribbon with with hand written numbering, like you would see on a limited edition art-work. Or, in my case, ‘special’, reflecting that this was a special order that was made for me.

I am so thrilled to have finally added a piece of MaterialByproduct live-in luxury to my wardrobe, and just in time to accompany my to Tokyo as well. I’ll be enjoying glorious 16-18 degree days in Tokyo, so this scarf will be a necessity and a blessing.