Valentine’s Day at Hyatt Canberra

Cytrus Belvedere vodka, Monin rose syrup, muddled cucumber, Aperol and pink grapefruit juice – The Rosie is the perfect tipple to toast to love this Valentine’s Day only, at Hyatt Hotel Canberra


Valentine’s Day is one of those occasions in Australia that rolls around with little to no fanfare until a week or two before the event, making it easy to forget to plan for. Unlike Christmas and Easter, Valentine’s Day is largely ignored by Australians, leading to a lot of last-minute bookings at restaurants and rushed purchases of un-inventive (although begrudgingly beautiful) red roses.

The truth is that it is less than 24 hours until Valentine’s day and I know across Canberra there are a number of you sitting there needing to make some sort of plans, but not knowing where you can turn at this last minute. Maybe you want a romantic evening to spend with a new beau, or maybe you and your partner want to actually do something this year rather than your standard take away and Netflix? Maybe you’re single like me, but you still want to do something to celebrate?

Thankfully, Hyatt Hotel Canberra are offering two unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, as well as a signature cocktail designed for the day.

Fresh seafood and a wagyu carvery will be on offer in the Celebrate package the Valentine’s Day, true to the Hyatt’s sumptuous standards for fine dining.


Hyatt Hotel Canberra invites you and your significant other to celebrate unique expressions of love on Tuesday, 14 February 2017, with two gorgeous dining options.


Indulge in a five course dinner with flowing Australian Sparkling within the heritage inspired elegance of The Tea Lounge from 7:00pm to 10:30pm

$199.00 per person, inclusive of free flowing Australian Sparkling throughout dinner.


Enjoy a themed dinner buffet featuring a wagyu roast carvery, a variety of fresh seafood, cheese station and decadent dessert stations complete with a glass of Chandon sparkling from 6:00pm to 10:30pm

$125.00 per person.

But Grant, I hear you say, what about those of us who happen to be single the Valentine’s Day?

Well, as someone who falls very much into that category himself, allow me to suggest the following. What better way to spend a day celebrating love than by spending it with your closest friends? Grab a group of single friends and hit up the Celebrate dinner buffet at Hyatt Canberra and celebrate each other!

If you want to make this a very Sex and the City sort of evening, there will be a Valentine’s Day cocktail on offer that was designed by Colombine Courouble – Team Leader at Speakers Corner Bar.

The Rosie is a sublime mix of Cytrus Belvedere vodka, Monin rose syrup, muddled cucumber, Aperol and pink grapefruit juice. The cocktail is priced at $19 and is available only on Valentine’s Day. I was lucky enough to sample The Rosie on Saturday and let me tell you, this will give a Cosmopolitan a run for its money in the taste department. Refreshing, light and luxurious, this is a great way to indulge your senses on the day of love.

Remember, luxury is personal at Hyatt Hotel Canberra, and what better way to celebrate your love for your significant other, yourself or your friends than with a luxurious evening designed to spoil your senses?

To make a booking you should call and speak to the fantastic Hyatt staff on (02) 6269 8901.

The beautiful detailing of the luxurious Hyatt Hotel Canberra is the perfect setting for your Valentine’s Day celebration.