Travel Wardrobe Day 8 – Torii


Today I visited the Hakone Shrine on the shore of Lake Ashi, which is a well known Shinto Shrine with huge orange Torii gates nestled in a forest of insanely tall ceders. I visited with a purpose in mind, which was to shoot my daily outfit shots featuring this set of elastic harnesses from the amazing Slick It Up. From the moment that I saw this set it reminded me of the Shinto Torii Gates, and the orange and black colours used in shinto temples and shrines. Since then I have always wanted to shoot the set at a shrine, and today I finally had the opportunity.

This might seem in direct opposition to my post yesterday, where I spoke about covering my tattoos up at religious sites. However, I took a chance today and also managed to find an area of the shrine where there weren’t any visitors at all, just the boyfriend and I, so I took a chance and snapped the pictures.

Most commonly found at the entrance of or within a shinto shrine, Torii symbolically mark the transition from the profane to the sacred. This concept really resonated with the idea of harnesses being used as fashion items, and so the marriage of shooting the harnesses at a shrine with Torii was perfect for me.

For this outfit the Torii is played by the harnesses, which mark the transition form the ordinary day-to-day to something more, with a darker edge. I am wearing:
black elastic ‘Eagle’ harness – Slick It Up
neon-orange elastic ‘Phoenix’ harness – Slick It Up
steel blue cotton crew-neck t-shirt – ASOS
blue and white striped cottong belt – Sportscraft
dark navy resin coated straight-leg jeans – ASOS
navy and white Roshe Runs – Nike

20151120_b 20151120_c 20151120_d