Travel Wardrobe Day 7 – Cover-up


One thing that I am really conscious of when it comes to traveling is observing the rules and customs of my host nation. There are some countries, for example, that I simply wouldn’t go to because of their stance on homosexuality. Mostly however, I am supremely conscious of the fact that just because tattoos have become mainstream in Australia, doesn’t mean other countries feel the same way, and as such, I cover-up.

Some might ask why I choose to cover-up, and the reason is simple: I’m a visitor, not a guest. When you visit another country, usually you haven’t been invited, and while having to cover-up might feel like an imposition, it’s the least you can do to show your respect to your host nation. Granted, i don’t always cover-up, but I am particularly diligent when it comes to the obvious places, like temples, churches and public baths.

Today we have arrived in Hakone, a town known for it’s hot springs. Ordinarily tattoos are a big no-no with public baths, but at the Onsen we are staying at we’re able to book private baths, meaning I can experience the hot springs without offending anyone! I still decide to cover-up in public, and today I am wearing:
white cotton sweatshirt with zipper detail – ASOS
navy cotton t-shirt with ‘Macho print’ – Slick It Up
blue and white striped cotton belt – Sportscraft
raw denim ‘Dustman’ jeans with contrast yoke – Corr Blimey
navy and white Roshe Runs – Nike

20151119_b 20151119_c