Travel Wardrobe Day 2 – Aoyama


Living within a specific travel wardrobe has lead me to realise just how reliant I am upon the ability to change my outfit at a moment’s notice to adjust to the situation. Today, for example, I picked an outfit from the pieces of my travel wardrobe that I thought would be practical for the weather and the places I was visiting (a Bird Cafe and the Yasukuni Shrine). I wanted to be comfortable temperature wise, and able to cover my tattoos at the shrine out of respect for the Japanese culture. Of course, what I completely failed to take into account was that to get to the Bird cafe we would have to walk through the insanely stylish Aoyama area, and being a giant white man, I am never the right temperature and always look a sweaty, wretched mess.

Which is exactly why I stopped the boyfriend at the iconic Prada Aoyama building and had him take photos of me in today’s travel wardrobe offering! Because why not celebrate the horror of a travel wardrobe publicly?

I’m actually quite happy with this outfit overall, although I still feel like I stick like month-old gym socks :S Today I wore:
navy blue cotton jumper with white flecked pattern – Divided by H&M
steel-blue cotton crew-neck t-shirt – ASOS
navy blue and white striped cotton canvas belt – Trenery
dark navy resin coated straight-leg jeans – ASOS
navy blue and white Roshe Runs – Nike