Travel Wardrobe Day 10 – Unsung Heroes


One of the things that I have learned about packing a travel wardrobe, on this trip and others, is to never underestimate the importance of the unsung heroes, namely your accessories. 

When you are living with a greatly scaled-back version of your regular wardrobe, it is the accessories that you pack that will help you to spice up an outfit that you may have already worn once or twice before, and that will stave off that dreaded deja vu feeling. This is why so many style icons stress scrimping and saving to invest in really good quality shoes, scarves, jewellery or bags – because they understand that these make or break an outfit, not to mention a travel wardrobe.

Today I am wearing an outfit from my travel wardrobe that I have already worn on this trip, though i have changed up the accessories to give it a different feeling all-together. Today’s travel wardrobe outfit was:
blue cotton beanie – ASOS
‘Melbourne Now’ print silk gorgette scarf – MaterialByproduct, special order
navy wool-stretch blazer with ribbed texture – Travel Jacket, thrifted
white cotton v-neck t-shirt – Cotton On
black leather belt
thoroughly distressed raw dwnim tapered ‘Riley’ jeans – G-Star Raw
navy and white Roshe Runs – Nike

black and orange leather ‘Libby’ clutch with wrist strap – Jerusha Couture

20151126_b g20151126_e