Travel Wardrobe Day 1 – Moody Blue


It has been overcast and drizzling all day, which always poses a challenge to someone like me who seems to be incapable to packing a sensible travel wardrobe. No matter how hard I try, I always find myself completely unprepared for my destination’s weather. As such, before I left I researched as many different travel wardrobe Blogs as I could find. The result is that I am trailing a new travel wardrobe theory on this trip, and living within a very strict selection of pieces for the three weeks. Today’s outfit was aimed at breaking away from the pieces that I usually pair together, and trying something new.

((Sidenote: about 60 seconds after these photos were taken, my boots betrayed me and I slipped over in the middle of the street in a spectacularly embarrasing fashion!))

Today I am wearing:
navy wool-stretch slouchy blazer with ribbed texture – Travel Jacket, thrifted
navy cotton tank-top with multicolour flecked texture – Bellfield, ASOS
black onyx Magatama amulet necklace – Misumaru, Narita
black leather belt
raw denim dustman slim jeans – Corr Blimey
sea-blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire