Tokyo Day One: Daily Outfit

20141121_aThis morning I arrived at Narita Airport, before heading into Tokyo for eight days of adventure.

I came to Japan for the very first time last year with the boyfriend. I fell helplessly in love with the country, it’s people, and the culture. Tokyo, where I will spend most of my trip, is like everything you have ever read about it, but a thousand times more amazing.

I am so excited to be back in Tokyo, and I cannot wait to get started on some serious shopping and eating.

20141121_bMy first Tokyo daily outfit is a little plain, but in my defence I was in this outfit all day, and by this point  I was functioning on two hours of sleep only. I am wearing:

Blue cotton slouch knit beanie – ASOS
Melbourne Now digitally printed silk scarf with silk ribbon accents – MaterialByproduct, special order
Navy cotton t-shirt with crew neck – ASOS
Orange and navy striped ribbon belt – Polo Ralph Lauren
Motor embroidered jeans in light denim – G-Star
Navy and orange sneakers – Puma
20141121_cI have a fairly hectic schedule planned for my time here in Tokyo, but I will be posting outfit shots daily, and hopefully some general fashion around Tokyo shots as well. The people here have a truly unique sense of style and  I’m not going to lie, I am busily jotting down ideas for looks I can ‘borrow’ already.