The Riviera of Canberra – Daily Outfit


Now that I own a pair of white Jeans, I’m a bit obsessed with all the nautical/aquatic outfits that I can throw together. Specifically, I am obsessed with the idea of the French Riviera. I had this really great idea to shoot today’s Daily Outfit post by Lake Gininderra, the Belconnen town centre’s answer to the Riviera. I think that the outfit wouldn’t be out of place in the French Riviera, with it’s modern lines, crisp blue and white colours, and chocolate brown accents. The only problem was that I soon discovered the jetty which I wanted to shoot my Riviera inspired outfit at is literally covered in shit. The local duck and native waterbird population are very beautiful, but tidy they are not. Believe it or not, these photos are AFTER I spent half an hour editing out duck shit. Not exactly the chic Riviera location that I was hoping for, but I feel like in this instance the clothes speak louder than the location. And I guess standing around in a literal pile of shit shows just how dedicated I am to achieving the look…

Probably not, let’s be honest.

The French Riviera look is all about understated luxury: soft tailoring, crisp hues and attention to detail. It’s European style translated to a much hotter climate, and I think that despite the still relatively mild weather (and the duck shit), today I managed to do the style justice. I am wearing:
navy wool-stretch slouchy jacket – Travel Jacket, thrifted
mid-blue linen button-down shirt – Trenery
brown leather belt – Sportscraft
white cotton jeans – New Look, ASOS
brown leather tassel loafers – ASOS