The Cabana Collection – a review

the Cabana Collection20160211_a

The Cabana Collection was a limited edition pack for Christmas 2015 from Mecca Cosmetica, combining their two sunscreens: To Save Face SPF 30 100ml ($38), and To Save Body SPF 50 200ml ($38). The Cabana Collection retailed for $69 which represented a nice saving, and justified my decision to buy this for myself as a Christmas present.

Despite the fact that I am literally terrified of the sun and/or getting skin cancer, and that I am more and more covered in tattoos that I have spent a lot of money on and dread getting sun-damaged; I am really bad at being proactive about protecting my skin. I try to avoid the sun, but I am really bad at wearing sunscreen because it is just so gross. I hate the feeling of sunscreen on my skin more than I hate the feeling of being sunburned, crazily enough, and so often I find myself risking it and trying to hop from shady patch to shady patch like a demented kangaroo.

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It’s a well know fact that if you don’t like doing something you are very unlikely to do it, no matter how good it might be for you. This is especially relevant with something like skincare, something a lot of us (men more so) write off as being a luxury rather tahn an investment in our own health. It is even stated on the side of the Cabana Collection box – if you’re not happy using a product, you’re less likely to.

So, I decided to splurge and bought myself the Cabana Collection after trying it in store with the lovely store manager Erin and liking how it actually felt on my skin. There was no greasy after texture, it felt like my skin absorbed it very easily, and it had a really light scent which was almost not even there.

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I also figured that if I spend so much on a sunscreen, I’m more likely to feel guilty about not using it.

I’ve been using the products since the 26th of December and I have to say that overall I am very impressed.  Overall I find that the sunscreen spreads A LOT MORE THAN YOU WOULD THINK! It provides great coverage as a result and it’s quite economical. A little really does go a long way. I do have to make note that I hate the design of the cap/lid on To Save Body; as it is messy and that is a huge irritation for me personally. Both products share a light ‘fresh’ scent which is really quite pleasant, but it fades to the classic ‘sunblock’ smell after a few hours (though only on the skin itself, not like a cologne).

All in all I am really impressed with the Cabana Collection and these sunscreens from Mecca Cosmetica, and I can definitely see myself repurchasing these going forward. The products are fairly priced in my opinion, you get a great amount of product when you consider how much they spread, and they make putting on your sunscreen a treat for your skin rather than a chore.

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