Taking Over Australian Fashion Week with Farfetch


Farfetch have invited a select group of Australian Bloggers to take part in an interesting competition to imagine what it would be like to take charge of Australian fashion week.

We’ve been asked to develop our own concept of what that would look like, covering all aspects of the event:  the location where it would be held, the brands who would showcase their designs, who would be seated in the front row, and of course what we would wear from the Farfetch online boutique.


Australian Fashion Week – Ink & Leathers style

 Here in Australia we have fashion weeks split across different cities, and while it is evident that each city has its own unique flavour and style, I’d really love to see a unified Australian Fashion Week that takes the best bits of each city’s individual fashion week and distills that into one unified, national event. Designers, models and fashion industry stalwarts from all the major cities converging on one location to launch new talent, celebrate existing designers, and to annually take stock of the fashion year that was before setting the bar for the year to come.

The crowd:

Holding Australian Fashion Week in the bush is going to have an additionally appealing feature, which is to really thin the crowds of hangers-on. Specifically, I’m thinking of celebrities who attend Fashion events because they feel like they’re supposed to, or entitled to. In days gone by these were industry events, and attended by industry people. I think that there’s something really important about returning to these roots, and maybe neglecting to invite a few of the more notorious clothes-horses in place of giving another international buyer a seat, or a young blogger who is starting out. Of course the fashion media set need to be invited to keep the event alive and relevant; but do we really need the Kim Kardashians of the world holding up the works when we all know that at the end of the day; she’s dressed by a stylist?


The Location/Venue:

To keep things fair the event could move around from year to year, however I would be much more inclined to create a purpose-built fashion arena in the country. A gorgeous concrete and glass structure in the Australian bush, with space set aside for runway shows, but plenty of individual areas for salon shows, for holding talks and workshops. Because while the laneways of Melbourne and the beaches of Sydney are both beautiful and ‘Australian’ in their own right; for me there is nothing more Australian than the wild outback. The streets might be where Australian fashion happens – but it comes from that sunburned country in more ways than you can imagine; and that’s where Australian Fashion Week belongs.

The labels:

Australia has a lot of talented designers to draw upon, and for me the thing that all of our individual fashion festivals do so well is to maintain a very good balance of celebrating the existing talents while nurturing and promoting the new blood. Labels like Zimmerman, Dion Lee, Ellery, Song for the Mute, Akira Isogawa and Gorman are all well-established and brilliant Australian labels and have a very necessary place at Australian Fashion Week. However, I’m likewise keen to see collections from lesser known lables who have been around for years, and new and up-and-coming designers. I think it is the mix that really makes Australian fashion shine, and this is an integral flavour that I would bring to Australian Fashion Week.


Outfit 1 – Canali blazer – T by Aleander Wang t-shirt – DSquared jeans – Kiton pocket square – Valentino Garavani Clutch – Saint Laurent boots and belt. All pieces from Farfetch.com

The look:

For some Fashion Week or fashion events represent a time to really let loose and go hell-for leather with what you wear. I personally think that what you wear should be a perfected version of the same thing that you wear any other day of the week. Yes, it is a time to celebrate your personal style, but at the same time it’s a little uncouth to dress to be photographed. I’ve prepared two ideal fashion event outfits using bits and pieces from Farfetch.com, and while both are very luxe outfits consisting of really gorgeous designer pieces; neither is outside of the realm of my personal, day to day style. Both are based around jeans, a jacket and a white t-shirt, minimally accessorised to let the quality of the garments speak for themselves. I feel like I could recreate both of these looks from my own wardrobe, albeit nowhere near as nicely.


Outfit 2 – Dolce and Gabbana blazer – T by Aleander Wang t-shirt – Philipp Plein jeans – Valentino Garavani Clutch – Saint Laurent belt – Dolce and Gabbana slippers – Cutler and Gross sunglasses. All piece from Farfetch.com


So there you have it – that’s my proposal for a new Australian Fashion Week. Let me know what you think in the comments section down below – does Australia need a unified Fashion Week? Or is it better that most states have their own? Who would you most like to see show their collection at Australian Fashion week? And do you think that we’d be better off with less celebrities clogging up the front row?

Be sure to click through an check out the awesome selection of pieces at Farfetch.com as well.