Travel Wardrobe

Basics and Building Blocks: Japan Travel 2017

An outfit constructed out of basics that will serve you well - Grant Heino, Naha, Okinawa - November 2017

Not an overly creative outfit – but one constructed out of basics that will serve you well. Sunglasses – ASOS / T-shirt – Oxford / Belt – Trennery / Moto-Jeans – ASOS / Chelsea Boots – Redpath


Basics is a language that we should all be versed in by this point. It is 2017, the minimalist, normcore and aesthetics trends have all come and gone (and are likely on their way back again); and as such when you see the term basics you should know without prompting that I’m talking about those essential building-block items we all call upon when constructing an outfit. Get it? Got it? Good.

Moving on – basics are arguably never more important than when you are travelling and relying on a diminished wardrobe to pull from. Knowing how to use your basics, how to dress them up or down to suit the situation, will mark the seasoned traveler from the novice. (more…)

Family Friendly Travel Outfit

Family 20151224_a

Today was my last day of work for 2015, before heading off on several days of holiday travel. We’re doing the whole family shebang this year – my family, the boyfriend’s family, back to Canberra and then off to Sydney for New Years Eve with my best friend!

The thing about travel, is that it is bloody awful. (more…)

Travel Wardrobe Day 8 – Torii


Today I visited the Hakone Shrine on the shore of Lake Ashi, which is a well known Shinto Shrine with huge orange Torii gates nestled in a forest of insanely tall ceders. I visited with a purpose in mind, which was to shoot my daily outfit shots featuring this set of elastic harnesses from the amazing Slick It Up. From the moment that I saw this set it reminded me of the Shinto Torii Gates, and the orange and black colours used in shinto temples and shrines. Since then I have always wanted to shoot the set at a shrine, and today I finally had the opportunity. (more…)

Travel Wardrobe Day 7 – Cover-up


One thing that I am really conscious of when it comes to traveling is observing the rules and customs of my host nation. There are some countries, for example, that I simply wouldn’t go to because of their stance on homosexuality. Mostly however, I am supremely conscious of the fact that just because tattoos have become mainstream in Australia, doesn’t mean other countries feel the same way, and as such, I cover-up. (more…)

Travel Wardrobe Day 6 – In Transit


Travel, I have come to realise, is anything but glamorous. Unless you’re lucky enough to be a part of the 1%, the reality is that when you travel you do so in a world of mixed modes of travel, running between each like a maniac, wielding a 23 kilo suitcase like a deadly weapon, and sweating up a storm all the while. And the is no glamour in your travel, or mine for that matter. If anyone ever tells you that they enjoy travel, as in the act of getting from A to B, accept that they are actually insane and move on. Travel is horrible. Travel is painful. Travel is ugly.

Today saw us travel from Nagasaki to Kyoto. It too one tram, three trains, one bus and one car to get us to travel from Point A to Point B. And this is what I wore because I am a masochist:
hand-stitched nautical print silk scarf – Bally, thrifted
navy wool stretch blazer with ribbed texture – Travel Jacket, thriifted
royal blue heathered tank-top – Divided by H&M
navy and white cotton belt – Sportscraft
dark navy coated denim jeans – ASOS
navy and white Roshe Runs – Nike


Travel Wardrobe Day 5 – Kaiju Blue


I think that one of the key concepts of buidling a travel wardrobe that works is to pick a harmonious colour scheme and to stick to it, religiously. Mine is obviously shades of blue, and while monochromatic dressing is a challenge at the best of times, I am finding it really works for travel. Blue is a really versatile colour, and no matter what we get up to throughout the day i always feel like I am well dressed and looking put-together,

Today’s outfit in shades of blue was shot in one of the back streets of Nagasaki’s Shinbashi area, where we are currently staying. I am wearing:
gold-tone aviator sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses – ebay
navy blue cotton jumper with white speckles – Divided by H&M
light blue cotton button-down Oxford shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
black leather belt
heavily distressed ‘Riley’ tapered jeans – G-Star Raw
sea-blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire