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Style Stalking Japan – Japan Week Day Three

Style Stalking 20160120_a

Lost in Translation vibes on a rainy day in Kyoto – loved this guy’s sense of style (and that Louis Vuitton Keepall too 😛 )


When I left for Japan this time around, I promised myself and my readers that I would make a bigger effort on this trip to capture the style that I encountered on the streets of Japan, the style that the country is known and celebrated for.

And I did.

Sorting through the (literal) thousand-plus photos that I returned home with, I unearthed over a hundred that I have come to class as style-stalking.

Why style stalking, you ask nervously, looking for an immediate exit.

The truth of the matter is that my Japanese is beyond poor, and limited greatly by my lack of confidence in my own ability to speak Japanese. As such, I am still not at a place where I am comfortable approaching people and asking if I can take their photo, like I do in Canberra.

So, I creepily captured photos of the amazing style that I saw, like a perverted salary man on the train; with my mobile phone, or while pretending to be photographing the scenery.

The shame…

I am determined to turn my Style Stalking into Style Scouting by May this year, and I am working on my Japanese daily. In the interim, however, please enjoy these photos which represent the best of a badly-sourced lot. (more…)

Japanese Street Style – A Preview


If you’ve been reading my Blog or following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll no doubt be aware that I have something of a fixation when it comes to Japan. I’ve been to Tokyo twice now, and in only 15 sleeps I will be returning to Japan for three weeks with my boyfriend to celebrate our five-year anniversary. Over this three weeks I’ll still be blogging daily outfit posts while travelling around Japan, but something that I really want to try is sharing some Japanese Street Style posts with you. I did this on my trip to Europe last year, and I really liked the idea, but I didn’t really take a lot of street style snaps while I was in Japan last year. I did, however, snap some truly Japanese Street Style while I was in Tokyo in 2013, and so I thought to introduce you to the concept, I’d give you a preview of some of the Japanese Street Style that I have previously shot, before I head back in two weeks time. It is a little creepy taking sneaky photos of people’s outfits and accessories, let’s be real; but Scott Schuman and so many others have made a blogging career out of it, so I figure why not dabble a little.

What are your thoughts? Would you like me to share more Japanese Street Style with you this time around? Let me know in the comments down below! (more…)