Shades of Blue

Monochromatic Dressing for Men

Monochromatic 20160503_a

Monochromatic dressing is surprisingly freeing, and today I’m loving my all-blue outfit. I’m wearing: steel blue with mustard check wool blazer – Baristal, thrifted | royal blue merino wool v-neck sweater – Uniqlo | chambray pocket square – Mizu Brand | black leather belt | dull navy cotton trousers – M.J. Bale | denim camo loafers – Sir Richard, Shibuya – Tokyo |


Monochromatic dressing is something that often gets confused with achromatic dressing, a pet peeve of good friend and style maven Mr Steven Wright. I remember discussing the concept with him recently, and sharing our views on how people think that wearing black and white is Monochromatic.

So, just FYI, a monochromatic outfit is one made entirely of the same colour or hue. So wearing all navy blue, or even shades of blue, is monochromatic.

There is no secret trick to wearing a monochromatic outfits if you’re a man. As long as you have unified pieces that work well together in the same colour (different shades of the colour work too), dressing in all one hue is incredibly simple and looks really very smart. (more…)

What To Wear… Back to Work: Daily Outfit


It is always hard deciding what to wear when you’re returning to your workplace after any sort of holiday. Today was my first day back at my day-job after three weeks of travelling around Japan, and aside from the fact that I am still adjusting to the change in temperature, I just had no idea what to wear to work today. I knew that I wanted to look my best because no one wants to return from holidays looking worse than when they left, but what to wear to convey that you had a marvelous time and yes, your colleagues should be jealous of your adventures? (more…)

Travel Wardrobe Day 5 – Kaiju Blue


I think that one of the key concepts of buidling a travel wardrobe that works is to pick a harmonious colour scheme and to stick to it, religiously. Mine is obviously shades of blue, and while monochromatic dressing is a challenge at the best of times, I am finding it really works for travel. Blue is a really versatile colour, and no matter what we get up to throughout the day i always feel like I am well dressed and looking put-together,

Today’s outfit in shades of blue was shot in one of the back streets of Nagasaki’s Shinbashi area, where we are currently staying. I am wearing:
gold-tone aviator sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses – ebay
navy blue cotton jumper with white speckles – Divided by H&M
light blue cotton button-down Oxford shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
black leather belt
heavily distressed ‘Riley’ tapered jeans – G-Star Raw
sea-blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire


Daily Outfit: Graffiti Love


I’ve mentioned here before that I have something of an affinity for graffiti, and that I love to see new pieces going up in and around my neighborhood. Canberra has some really talented graffiti artists, and I find their work really distinctive in style and execution. One of my favourites is an Artist who goes by the name Delm (more…)

Daily Outfits: Clashing Patterns for Dummies


Something that comes and goes as far as trends are concerned is this idea of clashing patterns. It is something that pops up every now and then as the new ‘it’ idea, and we see a whole host of magazines showing all the different ways in which clashing patterns are going to solves your daily outfit woes. Here’s the thing though: (more…)

Daily Outfit: Unironed Shirt


Want to know what my secret is for pulling off a messy workwear look? An unironed shirt. Now, hear me out here, because I know you’re probably thinking “Pshaw! You’re just lazy Grant!” And while fundamentally this is not far from the truth, the benefits of wearing an unironed shirt should not be underestimated! (more…)