Alterations – Lofty Labors From My Sickbed



If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you would have heard me bemoaning the fact that I am currently suffering the last death throes of this year’s revolting flu, and as such I’m off work for the rest of this week.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like having time off work as much as the next guy, but when your brain is melting out of your face and the misery of being ‘not well’ in that there’s-nothing-really-wrong-with-my-brain-but-my-body-hates-me sort of way has you going stir-crazy; well it is time to find yourself a distraction.

After a fairly epic sleep-in this morning and a failed attempt at making myself yaki-soba for breakfast (terrible, just terrible) I was trying to think of what I could be doing with myself until Monday. I thought about going out for a Pokéwalk, but despite being a gorgeous sunny day outside it was still cold and very windy and I cannot afford to let this bug get any worse. I thought about doing some online shopping, but that little voice inside my head sternly told me to back away from the computer. I was on the verge of doing something useful like vacuuming or going through my bookshelves when it struck me: Alterations!

I have an ever-growing pile of garments that are in need of alterations of some form or other. (more…)

Fashfest 2016 Designer Profile – Cameron & James

Cameron & James


Cameron Dixon wowed Canberran audiences with the launch of the Dark Paradise collection for his label Cameron & James at Fashfest 2015, and paved the way for a host of new talent from outside of our nation’s capital to showcase their designs on a national stage.

His collection was bold, punchy and stark: and army of models in simply tailored and draped menswear and unisex cuts in an achromatic pallet of black and white marble print cottons (before marble was cool). And while I don’t tend to wear much of anything that isn’t a shade of blue, I was instantly smitten with the genius of the collection, the post-apocalyptic chic styling, and Dixon’s design sensibility.

You can imagine my delight then to find that Cameron and his label Cameron & James would be returning to the Fashfest 2016 runway with a new collection.

After the success of his collection at Fashfest 2015 Cameron went on to further develop the Dark Paradise collection, and to showcase his style on the Undressed runways in multiple cities, at the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and in Stell and Pump Magazines.

It is very easy to see the appeal of Cameron & James clothing. Accredited since 2012 with Ethical Clothing Australia, Cameron strives to create a label that meticulously adheres to his belief that fashion and sustainability can coexist together. The Cameron & James label achieves this through the pairing of careful fabric selection and ethical production techniques, with designs made-to-order rather than being mass-produced.

Returning to the Fashfest runways for 2016 (second show on Thursday evening – buy tickets here); I was eager to get in touch with Cameron to find out what he had been up to since we saw him in May last year, what he’s learned for his business in this time, and of course, what we can expect from his 2016 collection. (more…)

False Advertising – A Story About Sweatpants


Trying to find the balance between athleisure and the office, I wore: goldtone and brown aviator sunglasses – 7x, ASOS // royal blue merino wool v-neck – Uniqlo // blue and white striped cotton button-down shirt – Drizabone, thrifted // navy cotton elasticated slacks with windowpane check – Uniqlo // camouflage case – BackNumber, Japan // bright blue Juvenate runners – Nike //


Over the past couple of years we have had more and more sportswear crammed down our throats as viable everyday wardrobe options. First it was normcore, then it was sports luxe, and then athleisure. People like Kanye West with his Yeezy line (who copied Pharrell with his clothing line, whatever that was called), and now Australian designer Pip Edwards; are making a killing selling us insanely expensive sweat pants and logo t-shirts that in any other context we would shun for being too basic, too sporty, and not chic enough.

I’m not saying that this is a bad thing at all, because I am very much the kind of guy who would live in sweatpants and a blazer if he could. I am concerned, however, because I am very aware that me in active wear is a case of false advertising. It is sort of like seeing a tray of bloody, delicious steaks in in the butchers with a huge “100% VEGAN!” sign in front of them. You know that they’re not vegan at all, and you know that I am not athletic or sporty at all, and so you’re confused. Hell, I’m confused, and I’m the one who loves (and keeps buying) active wear. (more…)

Highlight Colour For Accomplished Dressing

Highlight Colour 20160808_a

A Highlight Colour will really tie together an outfit of just one colour, and make it something special Today I wore: Tortoiseshell and gold-tone sunglasses – ASOS | navy crepe hoodie – Backnumber, Kyoto | orange and white button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | orange kint necktie – Uniqlo | navy and orange cotton webbing belt with leather fastenings – Sportscraft | raw indigo denim ‘Riley’ Jeans – G-Star Raw | whiskey brown leather Chelsea Boots with blue gusset – Red Tape |

When you wear a wardrobe that is mostly the one colour, it is really important to know what your highlight colour is, and how to use it.

A highlight colour is a colour that offsets your outfit when you are wearing mostly the one colour. It is a colour, hue or shade that you tend to reach for to break-up the ocean of your main wardrobe’s colour when you’re feeling a little too matchy-matchy or if the colour you wear is getting a bit suffocating. (more…)

Denim Shirt – A Modern Menswear Staple

Denim Shirt 20160718_a

Trying something new with a denim shirt worn to work. I like the look but the feel of the shirt was off. I’m wearing: Navy single-button blazer – ASOS | denim button-down shirt – Bershka, Shibuya | blue and white striped cotton pocket square – Uniqlo, Tokyo | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | burnt orange cotton chinos – FCUK | navy socks with polka-dots – Witchery Man | whiskey brown leather brogues – Trenery |


The humble denim shirt has always seemed like a terrible sartorial choice to me. I had the idea that double denim outfits were horrific drummed into me at a young age, and now whenever I consider pairing denim with more denim, I don’t get a mental image of the sexy ad campaigns of G-Star Raw; but more a flashback to that time Britney and Justin wore a matching double denim outfit to… something; and all of our eyes threw up in their sockets a little.

So, you’ll understand perhaps my apprehension at introducing any denim to my wardrobe that isn’t a pair of jeans. (more…)

Blogging and Wardrobe Blues

Blogging Blues 20160601_a

This outfit is actually from a few weeks back, but I’m posting it today because as far as Blogging goes, I want to share more of this with you. I’m wearing: navy blue stretch-wool blazer – Travel Jacket, thrifted | white cotton v-neck t-shirt – Cotton On | midnight blue kimono-silk scarf – Mizu Brand | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | distressed denim straight-leg jeans – WeThePeople | whiskey brown leather loafers – ASOS |


If you’re a regular reader of this Blog then you’ve no doubt noticed that my Blogging content and interaction has been a little light on the ground of late, and I figured that rather than sitting here struggling by myself, I might as well tap out a quick post with you and share some current thoughts.

I’m a little underwhelmed and over-worked at the moment, and the fast-paced working environment that I am in at the moment coupled with the bits and pieces of my life falling back into place after my break-up, travelling and generally learning to be an I rather than a we all-over-again; well, it’s left me a little uninspired and directionless. (more…)

Work – The Final Fashion Frontier

Work 20160606_a

Travelling for work today, i dressed a lot more conservatively than I ordinarily like to. I wore: navy single-button blazer – ASOS // silk Georgette ‘Melbourne Now’ scarf – MaterialByproduct // white cotton t-shirt – ASOS // navy webbing belt – Sportscraft // Moto 3D embroidered jeans – G-Star raw // blue on white Juvenate runners – Nike //


I try not to talk about it too much here, but my 9-5 job that I go to every day and that pays my bills is working for the Australian Government.  (more…)