Daily Outfit: Restricted in Blue


The more colour that I strip from my wardrobe, the more that I realise just how much I love living with a colour-restricted wardrobe. Limiting myself to clothes that are blue seemed quite daunting when I started on this journey, and I’ll admit I have often despaired “I wish it came in blue!!!” However, more and more I am finding that I am really loving the freedom that comes from being restricted in what you can or cannot placed on your back. A colour restricted wardrobe is an opportunity to expand the textural, structural and aestetic elements of you clothes, freeing you from the confines of a colour pallet. Every piece works well together when you have restricted your style to a single colour, it all just works. Sure, I still work in the occasional piece that isn’t blue, and breaking from what is restricted really stands out. However, more and more I only do this with accessories, and even then, sparringly.

I wanted to celebrate being restricted today, and so I wore some of my favourite blue pieces:
royal blue acrylic beanie – XTM
silk crepe scarf in MelbourneNow print – MaterialByproduct
indigo and charcoal heavy wool tweed blazer – Braddon Tailors
steel blue cotton v-neck t-shirt – CottonOn
black leather belt – re-purposed
indigo raw denim Riley jeans – G-star
sea-blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire


MaterialByproduct Performace/presentation of Clover by Susan Dimasi

20150209_aOn Tuesday evening last week I joined a handful of Canberra’s dedicated to the pursuit of luxury for a very special presentation of the MaterialByproduct collection ‘Clover’ at the Department of the Exterior boutique in Manuka Plaza.

Owner and self-described luxury-enabler Susan Taylor invited designer Susan Dimasi to the store to present her current collection to her Canberra customers; a rare opportunity for patrons to hear the details and journey of a collection straight from the designer’s mouth. (more…)

Wardrobe Stories: MaterialByproduct Silk Scarf


I received a text message yesterday from Susan Kelly of Department of the Exterior, informing me that my silk scarf from MaterialByproduct had arrived in store and was ready to be collected.

Unfortunately I did not get a proper chance to thank Susan for all her help, as I parked incredibly illegally to run in and collect the beautiful silk piece, dashing out of the boutique with the scarf wrapped in delicate white tissue and promising all sorts of artisnal fun to be had. I knew from the moment that I saw the amazing woven ribbon print that designer Susan Dimasi produced for MaterialByproduct’s contribution to Melbourne Now; that I wanted to own something from the collection. Now I do.