Friday Fixation: Vuitton Backpack Edition

I am consumed lately by the desire to retire my Louis Vuittion Delightful GM to a weekend bag, and to get myself a Vuitton backpack for my day-to-day life.

I am going to go ahead and blame my current fixation on Cormac and Kevin, both of whom have awesome Youtube channels that you should check out, and own backpacks from Vuitton. Watching their review videos is what got me looking at the Vuitton backpack range on offer, and wondering if maybe that was the direction I wanted to head in for my next luxury investment.

The only problem is that I am extremely fussy, and I’m a little bit devoted to the iconic Monogram print canvas, regardless of the fact that the Damier Eben is in fact the first canvas that Louis Vuitton used some 150 years ago. I’m not even really sold on the Monogram Macassar pieces, which have the Monogram canvas with black leather trim instead of the usual Vachetta leather.

So, for this Friday Fixation, I am looking at the six Vuitton backpacks currently on the Louis Vuitton Australia website, and making arguments for or against each. I’d love to hear what you think, of the pieces and of whether I should start scouring the consignment stores or not….
20141107_bosphore (more…)

Committing to Luxury with Materialbyproduct


Exquisite hand-stitching detailing of this incredibl feather-weight leather jacket from the Materialbyproduct collection ‘Clover’.

It is a common statement that a journey of a thousand smiles begins with a single step. I cannot say with certainty what my very first step on the path to luxury was, but I know what my latest has been, and it is all thanks to Materialbyproduct.

On Wednesday evening this week I drove myself to Manuka, and made my way to the cheekily named boutique Department of the Exterior. I was there to see a showing of the current collection from Materialbyproduct, entitled Clover, and to meet the designer and artisan behind the lable Susan Dimassi. Susan was kind enough to respond to several of my embarrassingly gushy comments on the Materialbyproduct instagram, and when I expressed a keen interest in the gorgeous new silk scarves from the Clover collection, invited me to pre-season showing at the Manuka boutique.


Materialbyproduct hand-sewn pouches trimmed in gorgeous silk ribbon, featuring prints from the ‘Clover’ collection.

It was a real pleasure to meet Susan, and Sally, the owner of Dexterior, and both were incredibly welcoming and so genuinely passionate about the Materialbyproduct label. The pieces on display in the store were breathtakingly beautiful and all but thrummed with the time and effort that had gone into executing each beautiful piece. When you see a Materialbyproduct garment in the flesh, you instantly know that you are beholding something different to anything you have ever seen in a store. Tailored to perfection with beautifully hand-sewn accents, the caliber of these pieces is truly a cut above.  (more…)

Daily Outfit: In Search of Casual Luxury

20141016_aI spend a lot of my time in search of casual luxury, and this week I have fallen back into bad habits this week I’m afraid.

A lot of my outfits have veered into casual-Friday territory, regardless of what day of the week it actually is, as a result of my searching for that holy grail for the 9-to-5ers: casual luxury. Anyone can throw together pieces of casual wear and luxury goods and hope that they find the perfect balance, but truthfully it very rarely happens outside of magazine editorial. Most of us cannot afford to live our lives in head-to-toe designer goods, so me make sacrifices, cut corners, and try to pad out our wardrobes with lower-line pieces. The ultimate goal is to pass this off as casual luxury. It is precisely what I was trying to do with today’s outfit. (more…)