Mikael Maüs – Artists I love

Examples of the beautiful pen and line artworks that Mikael Maüs shares across his Instagram feeds, with a common thread of masculinity, physicality and golden accents.

In case it is not already obvious, I have something of an Instagram obsession. I was originally opposed to Instagram as a platform because I thought that it was blogging for idiots – a platform where you could post with immense ease but little actual content.

Now that I have been using Instagram for a while and discovering amazing bloggers and content creators out there who both inspire and challenge me on a daily basis, it is very easily that I admit I was completely wrong about the medium.

The thing is, for every amazing artist or content creator that I discover through their immense followings or notoriety outside of Instagram, there are scores out there who are still fighting to share their gifts with the world. It is a paradox of social media, the ability to be connected to billions of users through a hashtag and still struggling to get your work noticed.

This idea has inspired me to try something a little out of the ordinary in the digital age, which is to tell people about the people I discover online that are important to me. When I find someone whose work speaks to me, or that gets me laughing along with their post or responding to a call for action – I tell my friends.

In turn, this has inspired me to start a new series here on the blog called ‘Artists I love’.

The whole point of this series will be to showcase the talent of artists and creators that I have discovered through Instagram, as a way to share the work of those artists I love with my readers.

First up is my divine friend Josh Munoz and his amazing drawings under the pseudonym of Mikael Maüs. (more…)

Leather Blazer: No Love Lost

leather blazer 20160411_a

Acne Studios Cassadey motorcycle jacket in leather and wool felt


A little while ago I asked my friends on Instagram and Facebook to weigh in on a fashion decision that has been plaguing me for a little while now. Specifically I wanted to know if they thought that I could pull-off a leather blazer.

Specifically I am interested in a structured leather blazer in a whiskey/honey brown or navy; or potentially in crocodile/alligator leather. I have seen images of such garments on models and in editorial, and I always think that they look stunning and sophisticated with a bit of an edge. However, I am also very aware that I could quite easily wind up looking like a sleazy mid-40s guy trying to pick up students in a dingy nightclub. Such is the transformative power of the leather blazer.

I asked everyone to be brutally honest in their responses, and I got what I asked for.

The majority of people openly hated the idea of the leather blazer. (more…)

Menswear: 8 Instagramers Who Inspire Me

Menswear is obviously a consuming passion of mine, and despite being initially violently opposed to the idea of Instagram, I have come to be obsessed with the app as a sort of visual diary, and have found countless accounts across the globe who continue to inspire me day after day. There’s a wealth of reasons why I keep coming back to these same profiles, and I thought that it was high-time that I share with you some of the Instagramers who I turn to daily for that much needed dose of menswear inspiration, or to challenge my own tastes, or to remind myself that there will always be someone better dress than you. These 8 accounts are the menswear gurus who are currently rocking my world with the sartorial expertise and personal styles as different as you could imagine. Check them out, give them a follow, tell me what you think – I promise that there is something here for every man’s taste.

menswear 20160222_a

t.v.f.u.h – Jared t.v.f.u.h (the view from up here) is a Brisbane based menswear Instagram that features point of view images of Jared’s daily outfits. The photography is crisp and clear, the angle is engaging and personal, and the outfits are ceaselessly well executed.


menswear 20160222_b

The Solid Sartorialist – Charles A man after my own heart, Charles is inspiring to me in his dedication to showing that bigger guys have no excuse when it comes to the style stakes. As a chunky guy myself it’s a great kick in the pants to see him killing it on a daily basis, reminding me that my weight is not an excuse to be poorly dressed.