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Alterations – Lofty Labors From My Sickbed



If you follow me on any of my social media platforms, you would have heard me bemoaning the fact that I am currently suffering the last death throes of this year’s revolting flu, and as such I’m off work for the rest of this week.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like having time off work as much as the next guy, but when your brain is melting out of your face and the misery of being ‘not well’ in that there’s-nothing-really-wrong-with-my-brain-but-my-body-hates-me sort of way has you going stir-crazy; well it is time to find yourself a distraction.

After a fairly epic sleep-in this morning and a failed attempt at making myself yaki-soba for breakfast (terrible, just terrible) I was trying to think of what I could be doing with myself until Monday. I thought about going out for a Pokéwalk, but despite being a gorgeous sunny day outside it was still cold and very windy and I cannot afford to let this bug get any worse. I thought about doing some online shopping, but that little voice inside my head sternly told me to back away from the computer. I was on the verge of doing something useful like vacuuming or going through my bookshelves when it struck me: Alterations!

I have an ever-growing pile of garments that are in need of alterations of some form or other. (more…)

Bright Shades: My views on How to wear

Bright shades 20160315_a

Wearing: navy pinstriped blazer – Rembrandt Sartorial, thrifted | orange and white checked button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | chambray monogrammed pocket square – Mizu Brand | midnight blue silk necktie with skull and crossbones motif – Express Design Studios, ebay | black leather belt – Raphael Steffens | bright blue cotton trousers – M.J. Bale | sea blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire |


Bright shades can and will liven up any outfit that you happen to bring them to, but there is a fine art between wearing bright shades of colour and letting them wear you.

It is true that I am not the biggest fan of bright shades, and aside from the occasional pop of white I tend to like to keep things at the darker end of the spectrum with lots of variations of the colour navy, and a few muted shades of blue or orange thrown in for good measure. I love these colours and I love the way that they look on me, but it is important to change things up every once in a while to avoid getting yourself stuck in a wardrobe rut. (more…)