Daily Outfit: Graffiti Love


I’ve mentioned here before that I have something of an affinity for graffiti, and that I love to see new pieces going up in and around my neighborhood. Canberra has some really talented graffiti artists, and I find their work really distinctive in style and execution. One of my favourites is an Artist who goes by the name Delm (more…)


20141105_aThe Melbourne Cup may be over, but I still have thoroughbred horses on my mind thanks to this amazing graffiti piece that appeared in a neighborhood bus-stop last week.

I noticed the piece while I was driving to work early one morning, and only narrowly avoided causing an accident after I craned my neck back around to get a proper look at the piece as I drove past. I’m something of an aficionado of graffiti and street art, and I love to see new pieces like this popping up around Canberra and more specifically, my neighborhood of Belconnen. (more…)