Daily Outfit

Mismatched accessories: The Devil’s Playground

mismatched accessories 20160229_a

Wearing: white cotton shirt with navy check – Euromerican Tailors | maroon silk knit tie – Casa Pavone | black leather belt – Raphael Steffens | dark resin coated jeans – ASOS | whiskey brown leather loafers – ASOS |


When I was younger I read an article in a newspaper on being well dressed, and the author stressed that mismatched accessories were the high of impropriety. It’s one of those old-fashioned, throw away bits of advice that seems fairly innocuous the first time you here it, but which actually takes seed in your mind and grows and grows into a fully-fledged wardrobe hang-up before you realise it.

I’m now incapable of wearing mismatched accessories (more…)

Trousers: A Recent Find from M.J. Bale

Trousers 20160225_a

Today I am wearing: | gold tone aviator sunglasses – ebay | navy single-breasted blazer – ASOS | blue and white polka dot silk pocket square – thrifted | French blue linen button-down shirt – Trenery | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | navy blue cotton trousers – M.J. Bale | navy polka dot socks – WitcheryMan | whiskey brown leather brogues – Trenery |


I think that I have spoken here several times in the past about how much I detest formal pants or slacks. There’s just something about the design of this garment that fills me with an intense fury, and as such I have all but given up on wearing them. I am, however, very aware that wearing jeans to work is hugely taboo for a lot of people, especially in the Public Service like I am. Wearing jeans to work five-days a week is pushing things. So I’ve had my eye out for something suitable to replace my jeans with, and finally I think that I have found them. (more…)

Plaid, the 90s, and Acne Studios

Plaid 20160218_a

Wearing: | gold-tone aviator sunlasses – ebay | navy slim tuxedo blazer – ASOS | blue plaid button-down shirt – Acne Studios | blue wool necktie – MJ Bale | dark blue plaid pocket square – Loft, Shibuya | | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | white skinny jeans – ASOS | whiskey brown leather loafers – ASOS |


Plaid is not something I ever really saw myself coveting. As far as materials go, it is more commonly known in Australia as Tartan of Flannel, and tended to be synonymous with bogans is footy shorts with too many kids crowded around their feet, until it was co-opted in the 90s by the grunge movement. Plaid recently made a resurgence in popularity in fashion, thanks to a bizarre sort of 90s revival that the kids have all been raving about. Here’s the thing though: I am 30 – I lived through the 90’s the first time around, and while I can hand on my heart declare that the music of the 90s was the single greatest era, ever; it didn’t really have that much else going for it. And Plaid shirts I thought to be just another trapping of the insistent  90s nostalgia that fashion has been experiencing.

And then I saw this gorgeous plaid shirt on ebay, and my whole worldview changed. (more…)

Bow Tie: A Meditation on a Trend

Bow Tie 20160215_a

Wearing: |speckled blue jumper – H&M | pale blue Oxford shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | maroon bow tie – vintage | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | light Moto jeans – G-Star Raw | tobacco brown leather brogues – Trenery |


Bow ties were once regulated to strict preppies and conservative college professors, but have exploded into a men’s fashion staple over the past few years. Not all of it has been good, with several ‘new’ takes on this humble accessory being invented which usually signals the end of a trend (for example, the wooden bow tie, a pet hate of mine). Lately I have been wondering whether there is still a suitable way to wear a bow tie to add a jolt of personality to our wardrobes, or if the trend is well and truly dead.

Admittedly, the use of a bow tie will not suit every guy’s wardrobe or lifestyle, but I do believe that there are still ways to give these beautiful menswear staples a place in your wardrobe. (more…)

Shitty Silver Lining: A Story

shitty silver lining 20160208_a

Wearing: goldtone aviators with blue mirrored lenses – ebay | navy cardigan blazer – Travel jacket, thrifted | blue and white checked shirt – Reserve | Black leather belt – Rapahel Steffens | burnt orange cotton chinos – FCUK | camouflage denim loafers – Richard Smith, Shibuya


This is a story about a shitty silver lining. You see, despite the fact that I am something of a realist and always mistaken for a pessimist; I do legitimately believe that there is usually a silver lining to most situations in life. Recently while my best friend Mags was visiting from Sydney we uncovered the shitty silver lining to my recent move, which is that I have to down-size my wardrobe. (more…)

Juxtaposing for Menswear

Juxtaposing 20160202_a

Wearing: Sunglasses – ebay | Union Cloth blazer – Braddon Tailors | cotton pocket square – H-Tokyo | white cotton t-shirt – Cotton On | navy chino shorts – ASOS | navy Roshe Runs – Nike


Something that I have been seeing a lot of lately, especially from some of my favourite menswear Bloggers, is a lot of juxtaposing. For anyone unaware, a Juxtaposition is when you place otherwise disparate things together to contrast in a way that is somehow jarring and harmonious. I’ve been admiring a lot of guys contrasting garment textures lately, or even finding new ways to juxtapose high and low end pieces. I was really inspired by all the new ways that I am seeing my sartorial brothers and sisters getting creative with their wardrobes, and so I wanted to have a bit of fun juxtaposing pieces from my own wardrobe for a different look and feel.

I decided to try smashing together different textures, different styles of dress, and fast fashion pieces with the bespoke. (more…)

Outerwear for Summer: Three Reasons

Outerwear 20160125_a

Wearing: gold-tone Aviators with blue lenses – eBay | Seersucker Blazer – Meeting Street, thrifted | black silk pocket square – Mizu | navy cotton t-shirt – Select Homme | Belt | white skinny jeans – ASOS | whiskey brown leather Loafers – ASOS


Outerwear is something that I have been hearing a lot about lately, more specifically the idea of wearing outerwear like jackets or coats in summer, and whether there’s a way to do so and look chic in the searing Australian Summer.

Some of my favourite Bloggers and Instagramers like Beige Renegade and Street Style Poser have posted lately about their love of rocking outerwear in the height of summer; and so I thought that I would add my own two cents worth to the discussion. (more…)