Breakup – 5 Steps to Coping

Breakup 20160322_a

As you will know by now, I have recently been through a breakup with my partner, and while the split has been amicable to a point of ridiculousness, it still hurts. I find that as a result of the breakup I am getting asked “How are you coping?” a lot at the moment, and while I really appreciate people taking the time to ask how I am doing, the truth of the matter is I just don’t know. It is weird to be single again. It is weird that I don’t live with the boyfriend any more. It’s weird to say breakup like thirteen-year-olds back in high school. Weirdness abounds!

But I have been stuck on the idea of coping, because if I am perfectly honest I’m the least capable person I know, and so I have compiled a list of the 5 steps to coping with a breakup that I have been using, for your entertainment if nothing else.

DISCLAIMER: While I am old, I am by no means wise, and these break up survival ‘tips’ need to be taken with a potentially lethal dose of salt because I am not exactly the picture of ‘dealing’ right now. (more…)

Catch-up post



It has been a little while since I last posted to my blog, so I thought that I’d like to do a quick catch-up with my readers before getting back into the swing of regular posting.

My last post was from November last year, and while it is less than two months ago, it feels a world away.

I went to Tokyo for a week in late November, which was absolutely amazing and which you can get a small taste of here on my Youtube channel.

When I got back, I walked straight into a new job and the festive season, and both have seen me completely thrown for a loop, struggling to catch up with my hectic life, and not Blogging at all.

However, it’s now 2015, and I’m finally back and feeling settled, and ready for the Blogging year ahead of me!

This year I’m going to be changing the way that I blog a little. My goal is to post four Daily Outfit videos a week, as well as a video to Youtube covering a range of topics. I’ll also be bringing you full coverage of Fashfest 2015, starting this weekend, and hopefully some new and exciting content as well.

I hope that you’re well, and that this little catch-up has assured you that I am still alive and kicking, and itching to bring you new content.

Xx Grant