Fashion Show Etiquette Part 1 – What do I wear?

Fashion Show 20160822_a

A Fashion Show doesn’t mean you need to dress like a human peacock… unless you sort of already are a human peacock!


The first year I attended Fashfest I was so nervous about walking in front of the press wall and having my photo taken or being asked questions, I snuck in aound the side and sat like a huge weirdo in my seat until my date for the evening arrived. Even then I was feeling a tad self conscious about what I was wearing,, and it wasn’t until I was dragged to the wall by the Fashfest PR team that I actually walked in front of all the cameras.

Now, I know that this sounds completely ridiculous, and you’re very right to ask “who would even care what you were wearing Grant, jesus! Conceited much?” And while you’re absolutely right to ask that (and the answer of course was NO ONE!); it paints a picture of the fear that I think a lot of people feel about attending a Fashion show, which is to say that they will be judged for what they are wearing.

The great Anna Wintour said it best herself in the amazing documentary The September Issue:

Fashion Show 20160822_b

“There is something about fashion that can make people very nervous.”



Countdown to Fashfest 2016 – 50 Days to Go

Countdown to Fashfest 20160810_a

My personal countdown to Fashfest 2016 begins today. No more take away food. No more sweatpants instead of actual pants. No more putting off writing interview questions. It’s game time!

With only 50 days until the opening night of Fashfest 2016, I am of course sitting here in a ratty pair of sweats and a Henley I sleep in, my hair up in a sad little man-bun and approximately zero clues to give you any indication that I consider myself a fashion blogger. I’m pretty gross, to be perfectly honest, and it is glorious in its own way. I may or may not have enough Chinese food to feed a large family on its way to my house now. How would you know?

However, today the countdown to the big event is officially in effect, and as such it is time to pack this slovenly creature that I have become since the last Fashfest away; and to start seriously preparing for the upcoming events.

But what exactly do I need to do to prepare for Fashfest 2016? Why do I even need a countdown? (more…)

Liberty London for Uniqlo Floral Linen Shirt

Liberty London 20160802_a

When you find a shirt this gorgeous, you need to base your entire outfit around it! Today I wore: Tortoiseshell and gold-tone sunglasses – ASOS | navy pinstriped wool blazer – thrifted | blue and white floral linen shirt – Liberty London for Uniqlo | white cotton pocket square with polka dots – Uniqlo | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | heavily distressed Arc 3D Jeans – G-Star Raw | whiskey brown leather loafers – ASOS |


Liberty London would have to be one of the most well known and well loved fabric houses still in operation today. Quintessentially British in history and in design sensibility, Liberty London are known for their fresh floral motifs and bright colours.

Quite opposite to Liberty London you have Japanese street and LifeWear brand Uniqlo. Known for their high-quality basics and simple designs, Uniqlo has rapidly expand its operations to fourteen countries globally and has an ever expanding market for its wears.

A collaboration between Liberty London and Uniqlo was always going to turn heads. (more…)

Music magic: What you need to know for Fashfest 2016

Music 20160801_a

We’re heading into Fashfest’s fourth year here in Canberra, and something that I can honestly say is that with each passing year the event gets better and better. The show gets more elaborate, the designers collections more exquisite, and the logistical side of things takes on a whole new level of preparedness.

It shouldn’t be surprising at all then that 2016 will see Fashfest smashing its own records in the musical stakes with new songs, new artists, and many musical firsts for the 2016 music line-up.

Since its inception in 2013 Fashfest has always been more than a catwalk show. It’s a total fashion experience showcasing the best Canberra has to offer in the full range of creative industries, including music, film, photography, hair, makeup and more. 2016 promises to be no exception, with FASHFEST rolling out two shows a night over six nights (29 September to 1 October). Each show will be a distinct experience, with its own designers, musicians and look and feel. (more…)

Vinnies Gungahlin Store Opening

Vinnies 20160430_a


This morning I was lucky enough to attend a Bloggers preview of the brand new Vinnies Gungahlin before the store opened to the public for the very first time at 9:00 AM

The new store is on Hibberson Street, part of a new commercial development space to the town center, and boasts a brand new store fit out and an insane amount of undercover parking. I’ve spoken on here many times about my love of op shopping and adding bits and pieces to my wardrobe that come from a variety of second hand places, (more…)

Job Interview Dressing: A Paradox

Job Interview 20160404_a

For today’s interview I wore: solid blue cotton suit – Oxford | purple and white striped cotton pocket square – M.J. Bale | pale blue cotton Oxford Shirt – Marcs | cream and white diagonally striped silk necktie – Oxford | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | tobacco brown leather Brogues – Trenery |


I had an job interview for a new position in my existing 9-5 today.

It has really been a while since I have had a formal interview process. I was a little surprised at how nervous I found myself, and to be honest I couldn’t even tell you how I performed at the job interview. But I feel fine about that certainty because I was wearing a nice new suit to the interview with a long-lost silk necktie and a shirt that I love.

However, I cannot say that I enjoy or even like wearing a suit, and the connotations of a suit as a garment that you wear to a job interview probably have a lot to do with that. And yet despite my distaste for the humble suit, I actually see the worth in wearing a suit to an interview. It’s partially for you, to put you at ease and make you feel like you’re correctly dressed for the occasion and ready to take the panel by storm. And it is partially for the panel and your potential employer.

You see the paradox of a job interview is that it is both your chance to demonstrate your individual worth, and a test to ensure that you can conform.

I may not like that my employer’s dress guidelines state that it is not appropriate for me to show up to work every day in sweat pants and a tank top under a blazer, I realise that the fact that my employer has a dress guidelines document indicates that they are trying to create a workplace culture among a group of vastly disparate people without the use of a demoralising uniform, and in order to do so they need to guide people into some semblance of uniformity.

So I may not like it at all, but I respect that it is necessary, and I wear a suit to a job interview.


Job Interview 20160404_b
JOb Interview 20160404_c
job interview 20160404_d
job interview 20160404_e