Staycation: QT Canberra


Fashfest is over for another year, and while I had a blast covering the event for my Blog and I’m already looking forward to and planning for Fashfest 2016; what most people don’t realise about an event like this is that it is hard work. As a Blogger attending a fashion show you’re expected (and rightfully so) to cover the event in sufficient detail, which means being present pre-show for traditional Media coverage, engaging with the collections shown while simultaneously capturing them on camera, battling all the other Bloggers for best picture, best post, best outfit; and of course to actually write, edit and post Blog posts, instagram pictures, and anything else you might feature.

Don’t get me wrong, I love every minute of this, but this doesn’t change the fact that it is hard work.

As such, it was a delight to be treated to a night of accommodation at QT Canberra for the final night of Fashfest 2015, meaning that I could turn the last 24 hours of Fashfest into a staycation while I devoted my time to covering the event.


The change that the building has gone through from Rydges Lakeside to QT is truly spectacular, and if you haven’t ventured to QT since it opened, I suggest checking it out as soon as possible. With a redesigned exterior and interior by renowned designer Nic Graham, the building embraces new technology, distinctive art and cutting edge design.The unique designer space celebrates the hotel’s iconic history through bold design, a mix of quirky artefacts, bespoke furniture, and a daring use of colour and art.


My room was on the tenth floor and had gorgeous views over the New Acton precinct of Canberra and the sunset over Black Mountain. I’m not sure about you, but I love a cityscape and I love the New Acton area, so this view was divine. The decor of the room is chic and modern without looking contrived, and of course everything was impeccably clean. The designers were clearly very considered in how they decorated the rooms as opposed to the public areas of the Hotel, as the politico theme to the Hotel lobby and bar areas stops at the door to you room (with the exception of some lightly-branded in-room materials). I love the tongue-in-cheek politico theme, but I don’t really want to stare at Tony Abbot’s mug while I’m trying to fall asleep. The clean colour palate and tasteful modernist decor of the room made for a refreshing break while I stayed with QT Canberra.


Food and beverage service at QT is of the quality you would expect from a luxury hotel. During my stay I was treated to a complimentary dinner and buffet breakfast at Capitol Bar and Grill. For dinner I ordered the Whiskey and Buttermilk Crispy Chicken, and let me tell you that as a man who takes his fried chicken VERY seriously, I was beyond impressed. I’m already planning to head back to Capitol in the near future just to eat this dish again! The buffet breakfast the next morning was of an equally high standard, however while the staff at dinner were attentive without being overbearing, I was a little confused at breakfast to be shown to a table and then left to my own devices. It took me about 15 minutes of waiting to realise that it was a buffet and therefore self-service.

Beverages at QT Canberra are a serious affair. From the well-stocked minibars to the superb cocktails available at Lucky’s Speakeasy; you will never be left thirsty. I adored that every room of the hotel comes with an Old Fashioned making station, where you can mix yourself a cocktail. I was tempted to purchase this item from the mini bar so I could keep the tiny bottle of Bitters, but the Old Fashioned is not actually to my taste. I like my cocktails a lot sweeter, and so I was over-the moon with the Lucky’s Kentucky Sour that I had at Lucky’s for the Fashfest after-party.


I want to finish by extending a huge thanks to the team at QT Canberra for making this possible, especially to Jess the PR Coordinator for QT Resorts and Hotels, and Jemma the Digital Coordinator for Canberra. The whole team at the Hotel made my stay a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and really helped me to unwind post Fashfest. The location makes the Hotel a perfect venue for locals looking for a luxurious staycation, but obviously also to travellers visiting Canberra for the first time. If you haven’t stayed with QT before I suggest checking out their website, they have five locations across Australia and offer premium accommodation with a difference.