Spring Wardrobe Updates – Seersucker Jacket


When I think of the Spring / Summer season, one of the first things that I think of is the heat. I just don’t cope well with it at all, and I spend the months of Summer dreaming of Autumn and Winter. A way that I have learned to mitigate some of the heat however, is to invest in pieces made out of Seersucker. Seersucker is the perfect material for Spring: it is a light woven all-cotton fabric that allows your body to breathe, but provides ample warmth and coverage when required. The surface of the fabric generally features puckered stripes of checks, and it often comes in lighter colours as well, again lending it perfectly to Spring. Regardless of where you live, a Seersucker Jacket is a really smart investment for a Spring Wardrobe Update. This fabric eats away humidity, but won’t leave you baking either. What’s more, it just looks classic and cool. I actively have to restrain myself from living ins Seersucker in Spring / Summer, and I think after you try it for yourself you will agree that it makes navigating Spring weather a breeze.

Today I decided to emphasize the lighter nature of my Seersucker jacket, and paired with dark, solid navy pieces. I am wearing:
blue bamboo sunglasses with silver mirrored lenses – Bambooz
light blue and white striped seersucker jacket – Meeting Street, Etsy
navy cotton pocket square with cowboy design – thrifted
navy blue cotton polo shirt – Trenery
dark navy coated denim jeans – ASOS
whiskey brown leather brogues – Trenery