Seven Highlights of a Weekend in Hobart

Heritage architecture makes for an amazing weekend retreat - Grant Heino - Blogger - Hobart, Tasmania

Looking out over the heritage rooftops of Battery Point on a beautiful drizzly morning in Hobart. A fantastic way to kick off a long weekend.


This past weekend I traveled to Hobart, Tasmania to celebrate my best mate’s birthday and to enjoy everything that this beautiful city has to offer. We were in Hobart for three nights, four days, and I though rather than giving you a blow-by-blow of the whole weekend, I’d focus instead on seven of my highlights from the trip.

I booked us into a gorgeous AIRBNB property in Battery Point for the weekend, and it could not have been a better choice. The beautiful building is over 170 year old and impeccably designed and modernised. I love staying in hotels when travelling, but when you’re with a group there’s something so much nicer about having your own home-away-from-home. The location was perfect, with plenty of little restaurants and boutiques in the street we stayed in, and a very easy 10 minute walk into the heart of Salamanca Place for the Saturday morning markets. I really couldn’t have wished for a better experience of the city.

Sculpture of a horse - Grant heino at MONA - Hobart, Tasmania

One of the few pieces from MONA that I actually enjoyed, this sculpture of a horse is possibly one of the most eloquent and somber works in the museum.


Two – MONA
Let me preface this by saying that I am still digesting my MONA experience, and while I currently feel like actually did not like MONA at all, I would strongly recommend everyone visits the new enfante terrible of the Australian art world. Standing over the Derwent River like some sort of modernists wet-dream, MONA has an imposing presence from the moment you set foot of the MONA Roma catamaran (buy posh pit tickets, you won’t regret it) right through to your confused exit after several hours roaming through the subterranean art museum. The architecture is worth the visit alone, and while the curatorship and ethos of the museum leaves a lot to be desired in my books, it was definitely worth a visit.

Battery Point streetscape on a sunny Autumn day - Grant Heino - Hobart, Tasmania

The atmosphere of Battery Point was the perfect backdrop for this weekend getaway, and I strongly suggest trying to find yourself accommodations here for your visit.


Three – Battery Point
The neighborhood of Battery Point is a fantastic base for a trip to Hobart, with a collection of small restaurants and cafes, a few pubs, and plenty of boutiques and antique stores. Set among the spectacular architecture of the heritage neighborhood, you’ll find yourself inspired by the shortest of strolls in these beautiful streets. It is also a very short distance from the Hobart CBD, the waterfront, Salamanca Place, and the neighborhood of Sandy Bay.


Indulging in Willie Smiths ciders - Grant Heino - Huon Valley, Hobart, Tasmania

Delicious buttery and warm apple pie and a cold, tart cherry cider at the Wille Smith’s Apple Shed for an indulgent afternoon tipple.


Four – Indulgence
When you’re visiting an area known for it’s impeccable produce it makes sense to indulge your senses as much as possible. Brand Tasmania is built upon a dedication to providing the very best that the state has to offer, and there is no better way to experience this than by eating and drinking as much locally sourced food and drink as you can. A short drive out of Hobart in the Huon Valley you’ll find gems like Willie Smiths cider distillery. We stopped by for an afternoon tipple, and I couldn’t help being seduced by a deep red cherry cider and an insanely moreish slice of apple pie.


Hobart Harbor area dining - Grant Heino - Peacock and Jones Restaurant, Hobart

The developing harbor area of Hobart’s CBD is home to many delectable dining options, including the delightful Peacock & Jones.


Five – Dining Out
I’m a big fan of dining out at the best of times, but when I am on holiday it is essential to my enjoyment of the trip. Hobart is awash with fantastic places to eat, so much so that there simply wasn’t enough time to get through a quarter of the places that I wanted to visit on this trip. We did, however, make it to Peacock & Jones and Frank, both of which deserve a mention here. Locally sourced ingredients prepared expertly and presented for you enjoyment set amid the bustling waterfront of Hobart Harbor. Divine.


Tasting time at Frogmore Creek Winery - Grant Heino - Coal River Valley, Hobart, Tasmania

Wine tasting isn’t actually my idea of a good time, but the birthday girl wanted to indulge in a spot, and who was I to say no? I actually wound up buying three bottles myself!


Six – Frogmore Creek Winery
To any wine aficionados out there, my apologies for what i am about to say. Wine, to me, tastes like piss. No matter the style, the origin or the vintner; there is an ammonia characteristic that my unrefined palette simply cannot deal with. I once turned away a glass of the Clonakilla Shiraz Viognier, much to the outrage of everyone around me, simply because smelling it made me gag. So the idea of travelling the countryside sampling the wines that Tasmania has to offer wasn’t exactly high on my list of things to do. My best friend, however, loves wine and so naturally we found ourselves visiting several of the Coal River Valley wineries. My favourite was the beautiful Frogmore Creek Winery, where I actually wound up buying two bottles of dessert wine, the only sort I can abide.

Patrons at MONA inspecting architectural prowess - Grant Heino - Hobart, Tasmania

At the end of the day the highlight of this trip was naturally the time spent with my nearest and dearest in the lap of Tasmanian luxury. Cheers guys.


Seven – Nearest and dearest
At the end of the day, the reason I was actually in Hobart was to spend time with my friends and to enjoy our time together, and naturally this was a highlight of the trip for me. Whether it was laughing at the overly insistent staff manning the Cloaca Professional ‘artwork’ at MONA (he was just a little too into the artwork, which is a mechanised digestive system) or commiserating our mutual overindulgence in local cheese, Mags, Meags and Nik made this weekend teh fantastic success that it was, So thanks guys, I’m glad we could get together to celebrate this way.


Have you been to Hobart? Got a cheeky Tasmania highlight of your own? Let me know in the comments down below!