Scarf Blues That Were Misplaced

Scarf 20160415_a

For a bit of drama I wore the scarf in today’s daily outfit: navy blue pinstriped suit – Rembrandt Sartorial, thrifted | patterned cotton scarf with tassels – gift| navy cotton button-down Shirt – Euromerican Tailors | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | light denim distressed bootcut jeans – WeThePeople | tobacco brown suede Chelsea Boots – The Ball & Chain |


Some people have jewellery, some people have hats. Some people sink their money into handbags, or their hair, or watch. For me though, the ultimate accessory is a good scarf.

When I turned 30 late last year I received some beautiful presents from my friends, ad in amongst them all was this light cotton scarf. The second I laid eyes on it I hated it. It was a gift from a darling friend whose taste I admire endlessly, and so I was sort of confused as to how this gift had gone so wrong to have me so instantly turned off by an accessory.

The thing is, the scarf is actually brilliant and I was not thinking straight. In my defence, I had had a bottle of champagne by that point.

The scarf is light weight but a perfect transitional piece for Spring and Autumn, and made from an incredibly soft cotton, almost like a gauze. I think that the red trim threw me for a look at first, but the thing is it undercuts all the navy of my wardrobe beautifully and really makes the blues pop! The tasselled trim scared me at first as well, but now that I have worn it a couple of times I realise that they add texture to an outfit without drawing attention entirely. Finally, the length. This is a long scarf, and I am finding that it is the perfect length to layer under larger garments like blazers, to break-up all of the blue that I wear.

It just goes to show, you should never look a gift scarf in the mouth. Or the tassels as it may be.

scarf 20160415_b
scarf 20160415_c
scarf 20160415_d
scarf 20160415_e