Dining Out: Only on a Sunday – Chestnuts

Today I had the great pleasure of attending the May ‘Only on a Sunday’ monthly lunch at Old Parliament House here in Canberra. The day could not have been more perfect for it: the sun was shining but the air remained cool, and the delicious smells of roasting chestnuts and goat filled the sublimely enclosed space of the private courtyard.

Today’s outfit:
charcoal pinstriped wool Blazer – St. James, thrifted
cream wool Scarf with Russian design – thrifted from Material Pleasures
grey and black 3/4 sleeve Shirt – Industrie
black leather Belt – JAG
faded black zipper Jeans – ASOS
black leather Chelsea Boots – Country Road

The lunch today was absolutely amazing and if you are a Canberra native or even if you’re likely to visit the city in the future, I strongly suggest checking out the Kitchen Cabinet website and trying to make it along to one of these events. The next one looks AMAZING!

Today’s menu:
Chestnut Soup
Goat stew, spit-roast goat, potato salad, Greek salad and garden salad
Chestnut pannacotta with candied chestnuts


Daily Outfit: Hong Kong Garden Take Away

The boyfriend and I have developed something of a ritual, where every time I go and get my hair cut, he picks me up afterwards and we go and have dinner at our favourite Chinese restaurant in Dickson, Canberra’s Chinatown.

As such, however, I was left in a bit of a pickle when dressing this morning as I needed and ensemble that: was work-appropriate; would not show the hair I’d be covered in; would be suitable for dinner; and was warm enough to deal with Canberra’s icy weather. I’m not really sure that I achieved all of them, but at least I was warm and didn’t look covered in hair.

Today’s outfit:
shearling leather Jacket – Barneys NY, for ASOS
black Henley – American Apparel
black leather Belt – JAG
heavily distressed Jeans – Industrie
black leather Boots – Country Road
Parfum: Eau Fraiche – Versace

I love my hairdresser, Elise. Elise owns Rhubarb &Me in Lyneham and is amazingly talents and exceptionally awesome. Everyone that works there is. We didn’t really do a great deal to my hair because we’re growing the top out so it can be a proper bouffant/coif again.


Daily Outfit: A Song of Ice and Fur

I have been thinking a lot about my wardrobe in the six-months I’ve been absent from Blogging, and I have begun to take the steps towards weeding out the elements that don’t flatter me and that I just don’t like; building towards a new and improved collection of pieces that I love.

This fur Scarf is one of my more recent acquisitions.

You absolutely cannot tell from the image, but it is actually composed of strips of rabbit fur that have been knitted together into an elastic loop. It is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself. The colour isn’t exactly what I pictured, but I actually love it and was pleasantly surprised. It certainly embodies the sort of aesthetic I aspire towards.

Today’s outfit:
charcoal pinstriped wool Blazer – St. James, thrifted
charcoal rabbit fur Scarf – Arielle, from Parliment Clothing
white long-sleeved Top – Country Road
black leather Belt – JAG
Motor 3D taper Jeans in light wash – G-Star Raw
black leather Chelsea Boots – Country Road
Parfum: Naughty Alice – Vivienne Westwood

Winter is galloping towards us here in the ACT. I need to purchase a few winter-friendly pieces ASAP.


Daily Outfit: First Frost

This morning it was -4 degrees when I woke up, prompting me to stay rugged up in bed for as long as humanly possible. It was also Canberra’s first frost for the year of 2012. I love winter, and the cold, but there is always something about that first frost that really shocks the system.

Naturally, to combat the cold, I decided to wear a thin silk T-shirt to work :S

Today’s outfit:
grey herringbone and plaid Blazer – Eagle Clothes, thrifted
light grey ‘Narcissus’ print silk T-shirt – Alpha60
chocolate brown leather Belt – Country Road
‘Riley’ tapered Arc-cut Jeans – G-Star Raw
chocolate brown leather Shoes – Raphael Steffens from Carmen Steffens Boutique
Parfum: Anglomania – Vivienne Westwood


Blogging: Ink & Leathers – A return to form

Dear Ink & Leathers,
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder.
How is your heart feeling after this six month absence?
Have you missed me like I’ve missed you?
Have you yearned for me in the same way that I have yearned for you?
I think we should get back together.
Give it another run for its money?
All my love,
Grant Heino