Blogging: Four Years Ago Today

As of today, I have been Blogging as Ink & Leather/s for four whole years.


I find it hard not to think of my Blog as this static, adamant thing, like a sort of obelisk inscribed with the details of my life, dress sense and opinions. A monument to who I was that will be floating around the interwebs for years and years to come. I think this is largely because there are a few of my old diaries floating around in the cyber ether that are so appalling written and humiliatingly divulging of my neurosis. I have forgotten or lost the passwords to gain access to the Blogs to delete them – and so now they exist as ugly blotches on the cyber landscape, chilling reminders of who I was at 19.

I am actively charting a new trajectory for my Blog now, and the more time I spend considering what Ink & Leathers actually is, what it means to me, and what I hope to achieve with it; the better that I feel about it.

I’m slowly loading up all of the content that I stupidly deleted while trying to transfer my accounts (Note to self: when in doubt, ask for help. You can’t use the dishwasher without assistance, how you though you could use the internet boggles the mind.), and as I go I am getting ideas for where I want to take this Blog, and all of you, in the future. 


I’m so grateful to everyone who takes the time to look at my Blog or leave a comment, I can’t even tell you. This Blog has been such a fantastic journey for me so far, and I am so looking forward to continuing that journey with you all for years to come. Thank you.

Shopping: Sydney with the Pragettes

So, this weekend past I spent in Sydney, shopping until my bank account all but bled. I came away with the following loot and a greater sense of how my desired wardrobe aestetic might actually look and feel. I also returned home yesterday and positively GUTTED my wardrobe! I’m throwing out roughly half of what I own, in order to clear a path for the new direction I’m moving in. I probably should have purchased a few ‘building block’ pieces first, but oh well, what’s done is done and all that.
Anyhow, here is what I bought…

Superman Chucks – Converse X DC:
Absolutely the most frivilous thing I bought all weekend. I love the angry Superman image (Supes is the only DC character I like), but these Shoes are blindingly white and I am already terrified of getting them dirty…

Uomo Collogne – Zara:
I’d never been to Zara, and if I am perfectly honest I was fairly dissapointed. Mostly in myself, because quite frankly, I was just too fat for 90% of the stock. A cologne, however, is a garment that anyone can wear, and this one literally smells like lollies! Sold, instantly!

Black resin-wash Jeans – G-Star Raw:
I have been searching for a pair of true-black (not charcoal) Jeans for a long time now. Since buying my first pair of G-Star Jeans I have been mildly obsessed. So you can imagine my joy at finding a pair of recently released G-Star Jeans in an intersting, black resin wash. They’re not my ideal cut and they weren’t on salt at all; but it was love lust at first sight!

Business Shirts and Ribbon Belt – Polo Ralph Lauren:
I love a good checked or striped Business Shirt, and to find these in the Polo store at 70% off seemed very serendipitious to me. The belt was spur of the moment purchase, but I love it, and it’s in my colours. 

Blue leather Boots – G-Star:
I wanted to buy two pairs of boots this weekend, which I acchieved, but i hadn’t planned on finding a pair in blue leather. These G-Star boots are divinely constructed and look fantastic; but they have presented me with a challenge: I now need to find a matching blue leather belt… :S

White fox fur Tail:
This was a random aquisition from a random store in chinatown. It’s real fox fur that been coloured white. It is so soft, I can’t even tell you. It has a handy clip attached to the end of it as well. I was planning on hanging it off my new Bag, but now I’m not so sure…

Black leather Boots with checked fold-down detail – Zu Shoes:
I recognise that these boots, and in fact most things from Zu Shoes, are very cheaply constructed and won’t last particularly long; but they looked good on so I threw caution to the wind and grabbed them.

Three-finger Knuckle-Duster Ring – Glebe Markets:
I bought this at the markets from a woman who claimed to have made it by hand – which I strongly doubt to be true, but whatever. It was cheap and I’ll probably only wear it once or twice before I get sick of it.

Blue woolen Jacket – Country Road:
I needed something warm to wear around this winter and this Jacket was too good to pass up. It is some how a Puffer-style Jacket, but with a woolen exterior. It’s basically the warmest thing I’ve ever worn, and i love it.

Midnight blue Thongs – Havaianas:
I’d only ever seen this colour in women’s sizes, so when I found it in a men’s I grabbed it. I needed new thongs anyway, and they’re navy, so score.

Gunmetal blue leather Jacket – Zara:
The leather is a great colour and litterally feels buttered – it’s so soft and pliant. It was also an exceptional steal price wise.

Travel: Pragettes do Sydney

I spent this past weekend in Sydney with the Pragettes (Mags and Meags), shopping, eating, and generally making a nuisance of ourselves.

We sampled delights at the Chinatown night markets and at Adriano Zumbo’s dessert train, discovered the delight of EasyWay’s iced watermelon frappe, and had an exceptional dinner at Din Tai Fung.

We spent almost an entire 24-hour period shopping, resulting in 13 new additions to my wardrobe, which I will shortly be detailing here on the Blog.

After Mags was mauled by an enormous, blue, plush bear, we had hilarious photo booth stickers taken which now reside proudly in my agenda.

And, most importantly, we had the opportunity to just hang out and act like the socially awkward freaks that we are.


Daily Outfit: Mr. Winter undone

Winter has truly struck the Nation’s Capital. Most mornings I am waking up to a car thoroughly covered in ice, fog, and the pitch black of the early morning void. I was in Jindabyne over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend and it was warmer there than it has been here!

Ordinarily I am Mr. Winter. I am a Winter according to the wonderful 80’s dressing-to-colours system,

I love the cold, I prefer winter fashions, blah blah blah. This year, however, I’m just not prepared for winter. My wardrobe is still in shambles after the past six months of Blogging hiatus, I’m still carrying last-years ‘winter coat’ (read: fat), and I do not own a single sensible winter coat. It is a disaster. Luckily, I’m off to Sydney for a long-weekend in a fortnight with Mags and Meags, and we intend to spend three whole days shopping.

Today’s outfit:
charcoal pinstriped Blazer – St. James, thrifted
skull-print HIGHLY FLAMMABLE Pashmina – designer impostor McQueen from Chinatown
white long-sleeved cotton Top – Country Road
heavily studded leather Belt – random sale at a hotel in Canberra
distressed 3D taper Jeans – G-Star Raw
black leather Chelsea Boots – Country Road

I just have to cobble together enough ensembles to survive the next eight days, and then I’ll be in Sydney and I can get this ridiculous wardrobe situation sorted. I’m actually considering a fairly drastic wardrobe overhaul to the realm of near-uniform aesthetisim. I’m toying with the idea of just giving into my ravenous navy blue lust and becoming like, a goth-smurf…

We’ll see where this goes I suppose.


Announcement: Worry it Out

Today’s post is going out to Claire from Harbour Master, who said I was hilarious and intelligent, and literally made my day.

So, if you’ve been reading my Blog for a little while, you’ll no doubt be aware that A)

I am a  huge worrier, to the point where I have to wear a retainer to stop me grinding my teeth and I get stress ulcers (Hot, non?); and B) I am somewhat of a snob. Really, I have no right to be either – I lead a fairly charmed existence, and I was born into a lower-middle-class family, so I’m not exactly old money or anything. I am comfortable, in that I have a very well paying job, a boyfriend I adore, a circle of friends and family who tolerate my neurosis to the point of Sainthood, and enough disposable income to justify my ever-expanding wardrobe of demi-designer and quasi-vintage bits and pieces.

However, I tend to waft through life in a perpetual state of alarm and/or fury. 
The smallest things in the world will lead me to ‘Worry a problem-out’. No, that is not a euphemism for masturbation*, it is an actual, factual process by which I attempt to imagine every possible facet and scenario pertaining to my current quandary- a process which usually leaves me so distressed and exhausted I collapse into a bucket of KFC and forget why I was psychotically worrying in the first place.

So, you can imagine how something like, say, returning to education to undertake an entirely new area of study, might, say, leave me in a fragile emotional and mental state.
To be perfectly honest, I have been obsessing over undertaking Fashion Design with a view to one day standing at the helm of my own label, for approximately nine years now. Nine years of umming and ahing, of weighing up the pros and cons of prospective schools, of judging my own creativity and wondering whether I’m actually good enough or not. My process of ‘Worrying my problem out’ has all but left me that undertaking Fashion Design will see my future going in the following way:
Enrol in Fashion design course
Proceed with course for a while, sitting at a B average
Inevitably wind up realising that all my designs are passe
Have my designs labelled as ‘Sad McQueen imposters’ by tutor
Drown my shame in mountains of KFC and cooking sherry
In a drunk and belligerent state, break up with my boyfriend, call my best friends and divorce them, and set all my clothes and possessions on fire before passing out naked in the street.
Become the homeless guy living outside my previous employer’s building who barks at people.
Yes, that is literally how my brain works. I over-think things to the point of psychosis, and then my brain shuts down and I eat my pain, forgetting entirely what I was worrying about until I run out of fried chicken.

So, when my Course Materials for the Diploma of Fashion Design arrived this afternoon, after I enrolled last week in a fit of ‘I CAN DO IT!’ fever… Well. Let’s just say the A4 sheet of KFC vouchers that arrived today are coming in handy right now.
*AH HA HA – I totally brain-p0wned you all then – now you’re thinking of me in a compromising position and doubtlessly wanting to vomit a little. Sorry.

Dining Out: Only on a Sunday – Chestnuts

Today I had the great pleasure of attending the May ‘Only on a Sunday’ monthly lunch at Old Parliament House here in Canberra. The day could not have been more perfect for it: the sun was shining but the air remained cool, and the delicious smells of roasting chestnuts and goat filled the sublimely enclosed space of the private courtyard.

Today’s outfit:
charcoal pinstriped wool Blazer – St. James, thrifted
cream wool Scarf with Russian design – thrifted from Material Pleasures
grey and black 3/4 sleeve Shirt – Industrie
black leather Belt – JAG
faded black zipper Jeans – ASOS
black leather Chelsea Boots – Country Road

The lunch today was absolutely amazing and if you are a Canberra native or even if you’re likely to visit the city in the future, I strongly suggest checking out the Kitchen Cabinet website and trying to make it along to one of these events. The next one looks AMAZING!

Today’s menu:
Chestnut Soup
Goat stew, spit-roast goat, potato salad, Greek salad and garden salad
Chestnut pannacotta with candied chestnuts