Off To Sydney


Today I am off to Sydney to visit with my best friend Mags, who recently moved from little-old Canberra to the big smoke in pursuit of knowledge and power. It’s a bitter-sweet situation for me, because while I wants my friends and family to be happy and to live the lives that they want; I expect them to do so without it ever negatively impacting on me or my comfort in the slightest! And having your best friend living in another city negatively impacts upon you life! At the very least, however, this means that I will be spending a lot more time in Sydney over the next 12 months, and as such being exposed to a wider array of delicious foods, cultural experiences and of course, shopping. I actually prefer Sydney to Melbourne if I am perfectly honest, and while Canberra will always be my number 1, I think that Sydney just has this really fun and carefree attitude that both Canberra and Melbourne lack. There won’t be a lot (read: any) shopping this weekend, however, as we’re in the home-stretch of my countdown to Japan and I am saving all my shopping stamina for when I am in my Spiritual homeland.

As I am travelling and the forecast is decidedly mixed and not really very pleasant, I went for something very adaptable, and I am wearing:
navy neoprene hooded jacket with reflective details and neon orange zips – H&M
blue cotton crew-neck t-shirt – Tweed River
black leather belt
‘Blade’ straight-leg jeans – G-Star, ebay
sea-blue leather Chelsea boots – Squire
silver-to-black ombre small hard-sided luggage – Samsonite