Nomi Kids – A heart warming surprise close to Fashfest 2016


Nomi Kids stole the evening and the hearts of the audience with a surprise showing of their debut collection on closing night of Fashfest 2016. Photo Credit – wearefoundau


Nomi Kids (pronounced know-me) was a surprise to round-out to the final show of Fashfest 2016. It was not billed in any of the Fashfest media, it was completely unannounced, and the first audiences at the National Convention Centre knew of the collection was a cryptic note in the programme announcing that the final designer would be replaced with a heart warming surprise.

And heart warming it was.

I mean, how could your heart not melt at the sight of first-time models being escorted down the runway by Fashfest models to Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk? The kids walked in a collection of incredibly modern pieces in a very unexpected colour palette of grey, beige, black and white. There were asymmetrical cuts, perfectly matched accessories and a distinct lack of cutesy characters or messaging. All in all, this was a collection that I would happily peruse for my own wardrobe, just much, much smaller.


Photo Credit – Holly Williams


Now, if you were to know me in my personal life, you’d be maybe scratching your head at this point. “Why is Grant of all people blogging about a kidswear label?” For those who don’t know me, here’s the skinny: I do not like children.

I am that person in the restaurant who complains about how loud your children are being, when you know them to just be  being kids, and when colleagues bring their new babies into the office I have a very sudden and urgent appointment that I have to attend…

You get the picture anyhow. I have the paternal instincts of a bucket of sand.

So why am I blogging about new kids label Nomi kids then?


Photo Credit – Holly Williams


Photo Credit – Holly Williams


Well, to be perfectly honest Nomi kids absolutely blew me away with their surprise collection closing out the final night of Fashfest 2016. As someone who is at that stage in his life when all of his friends are settling down and having kids, I have started to become very picky about kids clothing. I like to give useful presents, and I’ve rarely met a parent who hasn’t said “Clothes” when I have asked them what they need for the upcoming birthday.

What I have found, however, is that kids clothes are either horrifically overpriced, or incredibly cheaply made.

So seeing a collection of well made, incredibly stylish clothes in a very subtle and mature colour palette specifically for kids, had me wondering what the price point was and where I could throw my money to snap up pieces for my growing cohort of children-of-friends.


Photo Credit – Holly Williams


Nomi Kids is the latest venture from Canberra based dynamo couple Andrea and Clint Hutchinson, and sadly for you and I, is not yet available for sale. However with the impressive response from the audience on the night, I am sure that the Fashfest founders will have a slew of emails demanding to know just where they can get their hands on Nomi Kids, and it won’t be long before I’ll be able to share with you where you can get your own pieces for the up and coming fashionistas in your life.


Andrea and Clint Hutchinson with the mini-models who walked for Nomi Kids closing night. Photo Credit – Heidi Flaherty