Music magic: What you need to know for Fashfest 2016

Music 20160801_a

We’re heading into Fashfest’s fourth year here in Canberra, and something that I can honestly say is that with each passing year the event gets better and better. The show gets more elaborate, the designers collections more exquisite, and the logistical side of things takes on a whole new level of preparedness.

It shouldn’t be surprising at all then that 2016 will see Fashfest smashing its own records in the musical stakes with new songs, new artists, and many musical firsts for the 2016 music line-up.

Since its inception in 2013 Fashfest has always been more than a catwalk show. It’s a total fashion experience showcasing the best Canberra has to offer in the full range of creative industries, including music, film, photography, hair, makeup and more. 2016 promises to be no exception, with FASHFEST rolling out two shows a night over six nights (29 September to 1 October). Each show will be a distinct experience, with its own designers, musicians and look and feel.


Fashfest Director of Music Ashley Feraud – AKA Magnifik

Last year the musical side of Fashfest really blew me away. Since the event I have listened to the soundtrack from the event fairly regularly, and this is all thanks to the brilliant direction of Ashley Feraude, Fashfest’s Director of Music. An accomplished artist in his own right (Magnifik), Ashely says this year’s event smashes it with an innovative line-up of Canberra musical all stars.

‘The musicians have been hand-picked for the way their individual talent aligns with the themes of each of the six shows,’ says Ashley. ‘And we have a good balance of female to male acts—talent doesn’t discriminate in Canberra.’

Music 20160801_c

DJ duo Mondecreen

With Fashfest, the music is a major component and so critical for bringing the fashion to life, and is also critical to the marketing produced each year for the event. This year Ashley Feraude (as Magnifik) and Mondecreen have collaborated to produce an original soundtrack for the campaign.

So, what else is new for the music of Fashfest 2016?

  • More musicians than ever—25 in total, with DJs and live musical acts.
  • 14 musical acts that have never appeared at Fashfest.
  • More female artists than ever—6 compared to 2 in 2015.
  • An extended play single launched by Mondecreen, a live high-energy performance with bass-driven sound. (Something that I am particularly thrilled about).
  • An extended play single launched by internationally renowned rapper Ta-kun-da.

With so many exciting developments in the musical space, Fashfest 21016 is already shaping up to be a three-night spectacular not to be missed. I will be covering all three nights here on the Blog again this year, and I’ll have a lot more content coming up covering off all bases of Fashfest to have you well and prepared.

Music 20160801_d

Internationally reknowned rapper Ta-kun-da