Millennial Watches: The Royal Treatment

Blogger Grant Heino wears Millennial Watches latest model The Royal - Canberra, Australia

The Royal is the latest model from Millennial Watches – a sleek and elegant offering in navy and rose gold, available now.


In late 2016 I shared a story about Millennial Watches, an exciting venture by local Canberra talent Riley Tanton.

Since I last told you about Millennial Watches, Riley has not only met the first stretch goal of his Kickstarter campaign and had to order more watches; but he also placed as a finalist in the category of fashion in the Australian Champion Small Business Awards, the Oscars of small business in Australia.

A friend of Riley’s insisted he apply for the awards but he didn’t think he’d get anywhere. He was proven incorrect, however, not only placing as a finalist in the field of Fashion, but also having been pushed through to the category of Young Entrepreneur (under 30) by the judges of the awards who were blown away by the strength of his application.

Not to belabour a point, but Riley has built a business for himself from the ground up in his spare time between school work and extracurricular activities. It is almost unthinkable that the Millennial Watches line of beautifully styled high-quality time pieces retails for just $59.70 AUD. What’s more, Riley donates $3.50 from every watch sold goes to The Garvan Institute for Medical Research.

His latest deluxe watch, the Royal, is now available for sale after he reached his goal of $5,300. The design features the same beautifully pared back minimalist face, perfectly balanced size, and high quality leather straps. However the Royal is in a fantastically decadent pairing of navy blue leather strap and watch face accented with beautiful rose gold metal. Where the other Millennial Watches are elegant in design in a way that will always look fresh and stylish, the Royal makes a bit more of a statement with its bold presence.

Riley was kind enough to send me a Royal of my very own to try out, and I have to say that as someone who really does not like watches, I might be starting to come around.

The first thing people remark upon seeing the Royal is just how beautiful it is. The combination of the high quality navy leather strap and the burnished rose gold metal casing really is spectacular, an elegant combination that compliments most wardrobes and personal styles. I was concerned that the ticking of the watch might be too much for me to deal with, but the watch is whisper-quiet. The movements in Millennial Watches are Japanese and so naturally of a superior quality. The size of the watch is also perfect, big enough to be noticeable, but not cumbersome, bulky or garish.

So far I am loving incorporating the Royal into my daily outfits, and I am beyond impressed with the craftsmanship.

I have said it before and I will say it again: it’s not every day that you read about such an impressive young entrepreneur, let alone one that is operating in your home-city (while finishing high school, no less). Millennial Watches are a high quality and stylish addition to anyone’s accessories line-up, and for the humble price of $59.70, why wouldn’t you consider updating your wrist-game?

Head to the Millennial Watches webstore, or check out their Instagram feed for more details.