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Examples of the beautiful pen and line artworks that Mikael Maüs shares across his Instagram feeds, with a common thread of masculinity, physicality and golden accents.

In case it is not already obvious, I have something of an Instagram obsession. I was originally opposed to Instagram as a platform because I thought that it was blogging for idiots – a platform where you could post with immense ease but little actual content.

Now that I have been using Instagram for a while and discovering amazing bloggers and content creators out there who both inspire and challenge me on a daily basis, it is very easily that I admit I was completely wrong about the medium.

The thing is, for every amazing artist or content creator that I discover through their immense followings or notoriety outside of Instagram, there are scores out there who are still fighting to share their gifts with the world. It is a paradox of social media, the ability to be connected to billions of users through a hashtag and still struggling to get your work noticed.

This idea has inspired me to try something a little out of the ordinary in the digital age, which is to tell people about the people I discover online that are important to me. When I find someone whose work speaks to me, or that gets me laughing along with their post or responding to a call for action – I tell my friends.

In turn, this has inspired me to start a new series here on the blog called ‘Artists I love’.

The whole point of this series will be to showcase the talent of artists and creators that I have discovered through Instagram, as a way to share the work of those artists I love with my readers.

First up is my divine friend Josh Munoz and his amazing drawings under the pseudonym of Mikael Maüs.

I first discovered Mikael Maüs’s work after a drawing he’d done of a model wearing Slick It Up was shared on the brand’s page, and I immediately fell in love with the beauty of the artwork. There is a real depth to the pieces that speaks of a deep respect for the subject and a frenetic passion for the act of creating. I was instantly hooked and I have followed ever since, even being lucky enough to appear as a model in a couple of pieces in the past myself.

It seems so right to kick this series off with Mikael Maüs’s work, and I am so excited to share it all with you now.

Set, Horus and Anubis – a triptych of ancient Egyptian deities showcasing the beautiful craftsmanship of Mikael Maüs’s work while highlighting the underlying sense of fun and humour.

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this interview, it really means a lot.

Let’s start off with something easy – who are you and what do you do?

In the simplest of terms, I am an artist (or someone who at least tries to identify as an ‘artist’) based out of Texas. I’m not sure what I really do; I draw what I like and if you don’t like it, tough shit. I try not to be hampered by any specific genre. Take my art as how you see it and interpret it as how you will.

I’m completely blown away by your artwork, and not just because of the delicious subject matter. You have an exceptional style and visual DNA to your work, and I love the way that you look at the world through the lens of your art. Where do the ideas come from? What gets you drawing?

My art is inspired by many (and I mean many) aspects of the art styles and muses. With my art, I want to blur the line of what is considered pornographic, risque and classical art; yet I do not want to be defined as simply a ‘gay’ artist. I am who I am, and even I’m still pushing myself step by step to that milestone. Even I’m still not certain what that end result is but let loose the hounds of hell and join me to see where those damned dogs drag us.

Further examples of the beautiful pen and line artworks that Mikael Maüs, showcasing his ability to build upon a humble framework of Biro ink with other accents to create truly wonderful depths of field and texture.

As a blogger and someone who divides his time between work, blogging and leisure – I’m interested in how you find time to draw? It must be difficult between working full-time and your Army training/career? Not to mention having a social life as well! Walk me through how you make your art-practice a priority in your life.

Well this is easy question to answer: What’s a social life? (I kid you not, explain what this is to me). I have an understanding partner who is fully supportive of my ideas and offers me advice even when unwanted. He is a writer and we are attempting to create a graphic novel together.

For my artistic posts, I tend to have multiple ideas replanned way in advance even though most might never appear, but C’est la Vie.

I tend to spend what time is supposedly dedicated to sleep, watching Adult Swim and using it as background noise for all my future art posts.

Where do you want to take your art, or where do you want your art to take you? I’m thinking big picture here, what is your ultimate goal for Mikael Maüs? Illustrator? Pornographer? The next big enfant terrible of the art world?

I want to shake up the art stereotype, let people know just because you’re a gay person it doesn’t have to define who you are as an artist or person. It is merely a part of who you are, do not let it define you. Embrace it but do not let it overwhelm your persona.

Illustrator? Maybe. Pornographer? Definitely don’t have the body for it but I’d be happy to do promotional art, so PornHub if your reading this, I’m always open! I would hope there are no limitations to my art. Let me the Gay Vincent Van Gogh, minus the ear slashing and post-partum fame.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions and for sharing your art with the world.

Who: Mikael Maüs –

What: Artist specialising in pen and line drawings, portraits and always open to draw something risqué.
Where: You can catch the awesome artwork at:

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/mikaelmausnsfw/          https://www.instagram.com/mikaelmaus/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/pg/MikaelMaus/

Or you can request a commission at iammikaelmaus@gmail.com


The artist himself – Mikael Maüs