Luxury: Top 5 Clarins Products


I mentioned recently in my second 30 Before 30 video, that as I get older I am more and more focused on taking care of myself, and that one such area is skincare. I have always known that I should really take better care of my skin, but in a lot of ways I have spent the previous 29 years treating my epidermus really badly. I have resolved that moving forward, I will do my best to take better care of my skin, and a key ingredient to this (besides resolve to actually doing it) is Clarins.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Clarins is a French luxury cosmetics company founded in 1954, which manufactures prestige skincare, makeup and fragrance products with a strong focus on the use of botanical elements. I have tried many different skincare products in my time, but none have ever felt as good on my skin, or smelled as divine, as the Clarins range does.

In order to change things up a little, today I thought that I would do quick reviews of my top 5 Clarins products currently in rotation in my skincare routine.Clarins Beauty Flash Balm – I discovered this by accident and fell in love instantly. It is a thick, apricot coloured cream with a musky floral smell, and it just does miracles for my skin. I sort of feel like it is turning me to stone whenever I put in on my face, but in the best possible way, making my skin polished, smooth and cool.

Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris – This is an amazing toner, which in my opinion is superior to the chamomile. This is an incredibly soothing toner, with no atringent bite at all. The scent of this toner is divine, and I find that this really helps to calm my skin down, especially after shaving.

Clarins Cleansing Milk with Alpine Herbs – I was a little hesitant about this product at first, because I have this notion in my head that I have ‘man skin’ and as such, need an exfoliator in my cleanser to essentially sand-blast my face. I am so thrilled I tried this though. It has a beautiful cleansing result, leaving the skin clean and fresh, and a lovely scent as well.

Clarins Daily Energiser Wake-up Booster – This product is probably a total placebo. I won’t lie, I mean, it is claimed to be a ‘radiance boosting gel’ that makes your skin look brighter and more awake. I bought it because it sounded cool and contains red currant. I’m not sure if it is energising, but it feels fantastic and soothing on the skin, and smells delicious. Probably not worth the $30 though.

Clarins Men After Shave Soother – This is my latest (and greatest) Clarins discovery. I got it on super sale from Catch of the Day of all places and It. Is. AMAZING! I suffer from really bad razor burn/skin stress, and this soother almost entirely nulifies that. I have no idea how it works or why, but I am now hooked on this smooth balm and cannot live without it!

So, there you have it, my top 5 Clarins products! Let me know what you think of this sort of post, and whether you think I should do more, in the comments section down below!