Luxury: Braddon Tailors

It is no secret that from the first time that I heard about Braddon Tailors, I have been something of a fan.
It should be no surprise then that I jumped at a recent opportunity to visit the Braddon Tailor’s studio in the heart of Canberra’s CBD, to check out their new range of neckwear and accessories.

The first items that caught my eye were a matching denim necktie and pocket square by Catie Bradbear of Bradbear Designs. I love the idea of making these ordinarily very corporate or very luxe items our of something traditionally associated with the working class. Braddon Tailors also have a range of printed canvas/linen neckties, all with unique and individual designs.

Braddon Tailors are also exclusive retailers of Henry Carter neckwear and accessories, from Jason Segrott.

The above are beautiful square end neckties in a range of colours as gentle and soft as the wool from which they are woven. These will really set you apart in the office, and the flat end tie is coming back into fashion so represent a solid wardrobe investment.

In the middle of the picture above you can see one of the beautiful woven wool scarves from Henry Carter, and on either side and below you can see the amazing printed wool-backed silk Tuxedo Scarves.

It sounds trite to say, but the photos really do not do these beautiful pieces justice. The printing is flawless, which is what you would expect from the same artilier that produces the silks for Hermes. These silk scarves are all in gorgeous paisley and rich clours, and would make a stunning addition to any man’s wardrobe. 

I have my eye on the midnight blue number above, which I am planning on purchasing when I get back to Australia 🙂

As I have already stated, my photos really don’t do these beautiful products justice. 

As such, I strongly suggest that you email or call for an appointment with Pip to see the range for yourself. These are exclusive appointments for exclusive gear, so get your hands on your own piece of wonderful today!


phone: 0414 751 828