Limbo Outfits: What Am I Doing Wrong?

Limbo 20160407_a

Running around on my day off I wore: navy neoprene hoodie – H&M Sport | blue and white striped button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | black leather belt – Raphael Steffens | royal blue cotton skinny chinos – ASOS | white leather Plimsol sneakers – Lacoste |


Today I did not go to work, but spent the day in Limbo.

I was in need of a personal day to recuperate, and so I organised with work to take the day off. I wound up having a truly relaxing day that I spent doing things that I love: laying in bed after my alarm had gone off, a stupidly long shower, laundry, lunch with a mate, visiting the florist… However, I also spent the day in Limbo. The Limbo of outfits that don’t really work…

It’s telling of the shift in my attitude towards my career and being a certified 30-something now I guess, but I always find it funny that my work and non-work wardrobes are encroaching on one another’s territories more and more. The outfit that I wore around town today was a prime example of this, being equally of pieces that I consider in my ‘work’ and ‘personal’ wardrobes. The chinos and button-down shirt I bought specifically to wear to work, and as such whenever I wear them outside of work I sort of feel like I’m wearing the wrong clothes.

Today I tried to mitigate this by dressing the outfit down with a very casual jacket and sneakers. I feel like the overall effect did not scream “These are my work clothes!” but it didn’t really say “I am so relaxed right now, look at me and my relaxing!”. I guess this falls into one of those weird limbo outfit categories where it is not really appropriate for the office, but you’ll look sort of ridiculous if you wear this to the movies or a barbeque.

It’s not that I dislike the look, in fact I really thought that it worked well in the end. I just don’t get what category it fits into, I guess. I know a lot of you would probably say “Nobody cares Grant! They’re just clothes!” but to me it is important to understand the situational limitations of an outfit. It’s OK to visit the Limbo of outfits that no one understands every once in a while; but if you take up a residency there things start to sour! Trust me, I lived there for six months when I was REALLY miserable in another job and I regret it to this day!

Limbo 20160407_b
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