Liberty London for Uniqlo Floral Linen Shirt

Liberty London 20160802_a

When you find a shirt this gorgeous, you need to base your entire outfit around it! Today I wore: Tortoiseshell and gold-tone sunglasses – ASOS | navy pinstriped wool blazer – thrifted | blue and white floral linen shirt – Liberty London for Uniqlo | white cotton pocket square with polka dots – Uniqlo | brown leather belt – Sportscraft | heavily distressed Arc 3D Jeans – G-Star Raw | whiskey brown leather loafers – ASOS |


Liberty London would have to be one of the most well known and well loved fabric houses still in operation today. Quintessentially British in history and in design sensibility, Liberty London are known for their fresh floral motifs and bright colours.

Quite opposite to Liberty London you have Japanese street and LifeWear brand Uniqlo. Known for their high-quality basics and simple designs, Uniqlo has rapidly expand its operations to fourteen countries globally and has an ever expanding market for its wears.

A collaboration between Liberty London and Uniqlo was always going to turn heads.

Launched in S/S 2016, the Liberty London for Uniqlo collection with men’s, women’s and kid’s collections, marrying over 100 years of fabric history with modern Uniqlo LifeWear philosophy. This marriage somehow makes perfect sense, with both brands known and celebrated for their total respect of fabric: UNIQLO with its innovations and Liberty London for providing beautiful prints.

While I was in Tokyo in this past May I was lucky enough to stop by one of the Uniqlo stores and to see the full range of Menswear pieces from the collection. There was no way that I was leaving Tokyo without getting myself a little bit of Liberty London for Uniqlo action, and I picked up this stunning linen business shirt in a floral pattern in shades of blue. It was love at first sight.

The simplicity of the shirt’s design and the high quality of the linen fabric used are accentuated by the stunning bluebell floral motif that covers the entire piece. For what is essentially a floral blouse, this shirt really couldn’t be more masculine.

What’s even better is that slipped seamlessly into my existing wardrobe without a single hitch, a unique melding of past and future that creates a brave new fashion hybrid – perfect for the present.

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