Leather Blazer: No Love Lost

leather blazer 20160411_a

Acne Studios Cassadey motorcycle jacket in leather and wool felt


A little while ago I asked my friends on Instagram and Facebook to weigh in on a fashion decision that has been plaguing me for a little while now. Specifically I wanted to know if they thought that I could pull-off a leather blazer.

Specifically I am interested in a structured leather blazer in a whiskey/honey brown or navy; or potentially in crocodile/alligator leather. I have seen images of such garments on models and in editorial, and I always think that they look stunning and sophisticated with a bit of an edge. However, I am also very aware that I could quite easily wind up looking like a sleazy mid-40s guy trying to pick up students in a dingy nightclub. Such is the transformative power of the leather blazer.

I asked everyone to be brutally honest in their responses, and I got what I asked for.

The majority of people openly hated the idea of the leather blazer.

“It’s terrible”

“It looks a bit fast-fashion”

“You will probably end up looking like a mid 40’s creep”

To be fair, mostly people referenced how a leather blazer is not something that you can really wear continuously without becoming ‘that guy in the leather blazer’ and that from a cost-per-wear persepctive this garment is not going to be a wise investment in the slightest. There was also the concern that while a fairly expensive item, it would actually just look cheap.

I do feel like I did myself a disservice with the picture that I decided to use, and not explaining that this was just a reference, and not the actual jacket I was thinking of… Regardless, the Mob has spoken and my days of dreaming of a leather blazer are now firmly behind me.

I am, however, still in the market for a good leather jacket, and so today I thought I would share some styles that I adore and guage some reactions before I take the leap and make a purchase.

leather blazer 20160411_c

Rick Owens crocodile leather jacket with funnel neck


leather blazer 20160411_b

Suede collarless motorcycle jacket


leather blazer 20160411_e

Zara Man denim and leather jacket with hood

leather blazer 20160411_d

Paul Smith leather motorcycle jacket with military collar


leather blazer 20160411_f

Fendi ‘Bad Bugs’ leather applique jacket