Japanese Street Style – A Preview


If you’ve been reading my Blog or following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll no doubt be aware that I have something of a fixation when it comes to Japan. I’ve been to Tokyo twice now, and in only 15 sleeps I will be returning to Japan for three weeks with my boyfriend to celebrate our five-year anniversary. Over this three weeks I’ll still be blogging daily outfit posts while travelling around Japan, but something that I really want to try is sharing some Japanese Street Style posts with you. I did this on my trip to Europe last year, and I really liked the idea, but I didn’t really take a lot of street style snaps while I was in Japan last year. I did, however, snap some truly Japanese Street Style while I was in Tokyo in 2013, and so I thought to introduce you to the concept, I’d give you a preview of some of the Japanese Street Style that I have previously shot, before I head back in two weeks time. It is a little creepy taking sneaky photos of people’s outfits and accessories, let’s be real; but Scott Schuman and so many others have made a blogging career out of it, so I figure why not dabble a little.

What are your thoughts? Would you like me to share more Japanese Street Style with you this time around? Let me know in the comments down below!


I am a huge camo fan, and the combination of the jacket and the hair here caught my eye in a huge way. I think I might steal that haircut next actually…


There’s so much to love about this Japanese Street Style look – I love the combination of a dress shirt, an over-sized cardigan and shorts – so confused but somehow working?
The canvas tote is very aesthetically pleasing, and works so well with the overall look. The only think I really don’t like is the New Balance sneakers, and that is just left-over bias from high school.


Cammo clutch in canvas and leather, and a casual nautical vibe otherwise. I could never pull off the rolled-cuffs, but I admire this guy’s moxy.
Again. New Balance. They’re huge in Japan. But why?


Rolled-cuff envy again, this time in denim that is perfectly paired with a soft orange sweater and a casual collared shirt. This is a refined casual look and I love it.
And again, New Balance sneakers. Whyyyyyyyy? Proof that even Japanese Street Style sometimes gets it wrong.


I loved the grid pattern on this suit, and even though it looked sort of cheap fabric-wise, the guy wore the suit really well and it looked great on him and not cheap at all.
I loved the combination of the dark navy suit and those golden-brown leather shoes. I also loved the classic white dress shirt for this suit.