Introducing My Pochette Metis


I am very pleased to introduce the latest addition to my Louis Vuitton collection, the Pochette Metis! I picked this little heart-breaker up from the post office on Saturday morning, and I have been dying to share him with you all ever since. A stunning piece of Louis Vuitton design and craftmanship, the Pochette Metis is the perfect 30th Birthday present for myself, and I am so thrilled to have been able to purchase this little guy and to expand my Vuitton Collection. The moment that I saw the Pochette Metis I fell in love. I have been looking to purchase a smaller bags for weekends and travel, because as much as I love my Delightful GM, it is a BEAST to carry around all day. I also wanted to find a piece that was fairly masculine in its design, and I think that the Pochette Metis fulfills that category. The solid construction and the boxy lines really give the bag the feeling of being a mini trunk, and the monogram canvas really works perfectly for any gender. Best of all, despite being a quarter of the size of my Delightful GM, the Pochette Metis is in fact a really convenient size and fits all of the essentials (wallet, sunglasses, keys, lip balm…) with enough room for a couple of situational items (beanie, power-pack, notebook). All in all I think that I have made a really smart investment, and that I’ll be very happy with the new guy in my life!

Sidenote – I did an unboxing video of my Pochette Metis – you can watch that here if you’re interested.

As I said, the Pochette Metis is meant to be a weekend/travel bag, but I wanted to include him in today’s daily outfit shots regardless. I think that the outfit and the bag worked really well together today. I’m wearing:
navy single-button blazer – ASOS, thrifted
mid-blue linen button-down shirt – Trenery
brown leather belt – Sportscraft
dark navy coated denim jeans – ASOS
whiskey brown leather brogues – Trenery

Pochette Metis cross-body bag in monogram canvas – Louis Vuitton, pre-loved