How to wear shredded jeans to work:


I have seen a lot of shredded jeans in my feeds lately, and it has inspired me to break out this pair of boot-cut jeans that Mags bought me for my birthday a few years back. Now, it is no secret that I am not a fan of corporate dress in the slightest, and it probably won’t surprise any of you that I think shredded jeans are completely fine to wear to work. I work in a fairly corporate environment and the majority of my colleagues would not wear shredded jeans to work. This is regardless of the fact that while our dress code does specify that employees are not to wear shredded jeans, the document is in no way enforceable. Not that I mind at all, I like being the only one showing a little flair. That said, I thought that today I would share a few hints on how I wear shredded jeans in the workplace and get away with it.

The first is fit. If the jeans are shredded then it is important that they fit perfectly, and I don’t mean figure hugging here. A straight but conservative fit is best, like a well fitted pair of slacks (this pair is sadly borderline now that I have lost a little weight, and may have to be retired soon). Secondly, you need to up the style stakes on the upper half of your body if you are wearing shredded denim to offset the look. This means a business shirt and jacket at a minimum, and a tie and pocket square if you can. Suspenders are not going to hurt the look. Finally, attitude. If you’re worried about someone telling you that you’re under-dressed for the office, someone is going to tell you that you’re under-dressed. Confidence in yourself and your look will do marvels to offset any unwanted interest from your colleagues, and I think it genuinely improves the look.

Today I styled my shredded jeans in the following office-friendly outfit:
Charcoal and indigo wool tweed jacket – Braddon Tailors
blue cotton Oford button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren, thrifted
brown leather belt – Sportscraft
mid-wash denim shredded jeans – Industrie
tobacco brown suede Chelsea boots – the Ball & Chain