Highlight Colour For Accomplished Dressing

Highlight Colour 20160808_a

A Highlight Colour will really tie together an outfit of just one colour, and make it something special Today I wore: Tortoiseshell and gold-tone sunglasses – ASOS | navy crepe hoodie – Backnumber, Kyoto | orange and white button-down shirt – Polo Ralph Lauren | orange kint necktie – Uniqlo | navy and orange cotton webbing belt with leather fastenings – Sportscraft | raw indigo denim ‘Riley’ Jeans – G-Star Raw | whiskey brown leather Chelsea Boots with blue gusset – Red Tape |

When you wear a wardrobe that is mostly the one colour, it is really important to know what your highlight colour is, and how to use it.

A highlight colour is a colour that offsets your outfit when you are wearing mostly the one colour. It is a colour, hue or shade that you tend to reach for to break-up the ocean of your main wardrobe’s colour when you’re feeling a little too matchy-matchy or if the colour you wear is getting a bit suffocating.

Orange is my highlight colour most of the time, and sometimes it is white. Both are colours that look brilliant contrasted against blue, especially navy blue, and both are colours I wear only in moderation.

Today’s outfit was VERY blue, which my outfits usually are, but in this instance it was a case of there not being much in the way of a break from one blue garment to the next. The shades of blue all seemed to match and run into one another, and rather than looking like an outfit, it looked like I was wearing some sort of onesie.

I decided to really break things up with a bolt of my favourite highlight colour orange, worn high and close to my face to really brighten my look up. The Polo Ralph Lauren shirt is an old favourite and something that I get loads of compliments on, and the knit necktie from Uniqlo was a pure orange, really making use of the highlight colour.

The use of the highlight colour really brought the whole outfit together, and despite this being a very casual outfit for the office, I felt like a million bucks all day!