Friday Fixation: Vuitton Backpack Edition

I am consumed lately by the desire to retire my Louis Vuittion Delightful GM to a weekend bag, and to get myself a Vuitton backpack for my day-to-day life.

I am going to go ahead and blame my current fixation on Cormac and Kevin, both of whom have awesome Youtube channels that you should check out, and own backpacks from Vuitton. Watching their review videos is what got me looking at the Vuitton backpack range on offer, and wondering if maybe that was the direction I wanted to head in for my next luxury investment.

The only problem is that I am extremely fussy, and I’m a little bit devoted to the iconic Monogram print canvas, regardless of the fact that the Damier Eben is in fact the first canvas that Louis Vuitton used some 150 years ago. I’m not even really sold on the Monogram Macassar pieces, which have the Monogram canvas with black leather trim instead of the usual Vachetta leather.

So, for this Friday Fixation, I am looking at the six Vuitton backpacks currently on the Louis Vuitton Australia website, and making arguments for or against each. I’d love to hear what you think, of the pieces and of whether I should start scouring the consignment stores or not….
20141107_bosphore Bosphore backpack – Monogram canvas – $2,420 AUD

I’m not going to lie, I’m not a huge fan of this design. I love that it is in the standard Monogram and Vachetta combination, but the cut of the bag is a little feminine for my liking, and very 90’s in it’s design, which I know is sort of ‘In’ right now with the cool kids (or was), but it just isn’t me personally. I do see this style fairly often on Ebay.
20141107_christopherChristopher PM backpack – Monogram Macassar canvas – $3,200 AUD

I quite like the design of the Christopher, and I don’t even mind the Macassar over the Vachetta. The thing is, this bag looks TINY. I’m a fairly large guy, and I think that this bag would just be too small for me to wear. I think that this bag looks great though, very ‘rugged’ for a $3,200 designer backpack. I mean, it wouldn’t look out of place on an Amazon trek, would it? The Christopher is also available in the Damier Graphite canvas.
20141107_michaelMichael backpack – Damier Graphite canvas – $2,820 AUD

I love the design of the Michael, but I really, really don’t like the Damier Graphite canvas, and that’s what stops me lusting after this bag. As far as I can tell, it is only available in the one canvas, which is a shame, because both Cormac and Kevin have this bag, and both have really great things to say about it. It looks like a really practical design as well, which I love, and like it would be entirely functional in a range of situations. I wish Vuitton would release it in Monogram and Vachetta (sigh).
20141107_palkPalk backpack – Monogram Macassar canvas – $2,730 AUD

I’m not sure how I feel about the Palk. I mean, it comes in Monogram canvas, so score, but I am not sold on the shape. This is another design which seems very small and also sort of feminine. The cut of the bag also suggests that there’s just one open interior pocket, and that little one on the front – so not a lot of diversity of places to keep things. I’m probably wrong, knowing Vuitton I’m sure that there is a wealth of separate spaces inside. This is the bag that confuses/interests me the most.
20141107_runnerRunner backpack – Damier Eben canvas – $2,820 AUD

I really love the Runner. I think it has a great shape and style, and I don’t even really mind that it is in the Damier Eben. I like that it is simple and understated, and that it has an aesthetic that suggests movement. This is a bag that you would throw on to run around and get shit done. This is a bag that looks like you can afford to be less precious with it, even though it comes with an almost $3,000 AD price tag. I’d still like to see it in Monogram and Vachetta though…
20141107_zNelsonMarc Newson backpack for the ‘Icons and the Iconoclasts’ collaboration – Monogram canvas and shearling – $6,850 AUD

Last but not least, we have the Marc Newson backpack, which was designed as a part of a recent Vuitton collaboration. At first I though that the bag was absolutely ridiculous, but the more I look at it, the more that I like it. The bag is currently available in three colours (royal blue and beige also), but the bright orange really catches my eye. The funny thing is, this bag looks like it has the best internal layout and design of the lot! Completely out of my price range, but engaging all the same.


Note: All images were sourced from the Louis Vuitton Australia website.