Fresh Cut – The Barber Shop at QT keeping me tidy this Beard Season

Looking particularly scruffy before heading into The Barber Shop – untidy, untrimmed and unkempt all spring to mind.


Earlier this year I was lucky enough to attend a men’s grooming and whiskey event at QT Canberra with the fantastically beard-y Jimmy Niggles, founder of Beard Season.

This was actually my second time meeting with Niggles, as I previously met him at QT in 2016. At the time I promised that in the spirit of beard season I would make an appointment to get a full skin cancer check. Well, 12 months and several sun-exposure incidents later, and I was faced with the embarrassing task of explain to Jimmy that I had not actually kept the promise I made him. It is strange to have to admit something like that to a near stranger, but in part that is the brilliance of Beard Season – I was embarrassed at having not got my skin cancer check, and so I resolved to get one.

In fact, I promised not only to go and get the check, but to also take part in Beard Season 2017 by attempting to grow my own beard.

Part one of the shave with the masterful Kristian taking care of me.


Two months later and I found myself sporting a modest and surprisingly red-tinged beard, but not actually knowing how to maintain or care for it.

Enter the brilliant team at The Barber Shop, at QT Canberra, who treated me to a mid-way shave.

As I neared the half-way point of my Beard Season growth, I was invited in to meet with head barber Kristian, and to get myself a bit of a trim and tidy-up of the beard that I have managed to grow. I got to sit in the now familiar barber’s chair and listen to Kristian explaining, very politely, how best to care for a beard that isn’t really much of a beard.

I’m of Finnish and Australian-Irish descent, so growing a beard isn’t exactly something that comes easily to me. To be honest I have never actually tried to grow much more than a sad little month-old moustache, and one time a fuzzy little goatee thing while I was travelling around Scandinavia with my best friend and sister, more for their amusement than anything else. There are patches where hair just doesn’t grow at all, like some sort of facial no-man’s land.

Now that’s what you all wanted to see, right? The precision with which Kristian handles his blade has to be felt to be believed. You would think having a razor to your throat wouldn’t be relaxing, but you would be wrong. I nearly fell asleep.


I went in to The Barber Shop feeling like a creep to be honest. The beard that I had managed to grow in six weeks was scraggly and sort of brindled, and not at all what I was expecting when looking at all of the Beard Season portraits in the QT Canberra lobby.

However, through some sort of dark magic I can only assume involved a pact with the devil on the night of a full moon, Kristian and his trusty razor transformed my whole appearance. It is amazing what he achieved by simply tidying up the empty patches on my cheeks and giving me a defined line under my jaw. I looked in the mirror and was honestly thrilled with the shave. It would be a bit naff to say that I didn’t recognise myself, but where before I had felt a bit frumpy and gross, like I looked like one of the kind of guys who linger greasily near the skin mags in a servo; suddenly I quite liked my beard, and could see myself keeping it beyond the three months of Beard Season.

As long as Kristian continued to maintain it for me, that is.

After my shave from the fantastic Kristian at The Barber Shop in QT Canberra. I have a neck again! Honestly, the improvement was remarkable and everyone commented when I got back to work. I felt very dapper indeed.


The meeting that started it all – pictured with the magnanimous Jimmy Niggles at QT Canberra.


If you are growing your own Beard Season fuzz, or if you just happen to be a gent who rocks the beardy look, I strongly recommend getting yourself into a barber for a pamper every now and then. For more information  on what The baraber Shop has on offer, or to book, call or email The QT Barber Shop at QT Canberra on 02 6267 1267 or