Fashfest 2016 Show 6 – Singularity


The closing show for Fashfest 2016 was always going to be a big deal, but between last minute changes to the set list, my struggling not to wail like a banshee when Mondecreen took the stage, and more surprises than I was prepared for – it truly was an immersive experience.

Singularity opened strongly with a few new designers to the Fashfest alumni, before diving into collection after collection of impeccably strong garments. Singularity asked us to explore the here and now of fashion with big ideas. Raw, bold and one-of-a-kind, this show was for those who want a singular experience – and a unique ending.

I need to take a moment to fan-boy out over the amazing Mondecreen, who rocked the evening with three performances along with Soul Sisters and Josh Beck. I’ve been a fan since Mondecreen played Fashfest last year, and I was thrilled to see them return to the runway this year.

The film for this evening was provided by Michael Kosmider.

Fashfest 2016 ran from 29 September to 1 October at the award winning National Convention Centre. More information on current and future events is available through the Fashfest website.


Vitamin by Sonalika – Sumptuous fabrics created an incredibly luxe story in this collection by Fashfest new-comer Sonalika, all the way from Mumbai no less. The pieces were beautifully crafted with no detail spared.


Fleur and Felix – An interestingly pared-back collection of fairly gender fluid pieces, this collection from Sydney based design duo explored the interplay of living in the moment and uncomplicated, compelling textile movements.


Onthego Sports – As someone who buys a lot of sportswear because he feels like that is half the battle in getting into some semblance of ‘shape’ (which we all know it isn’t); this collection from Fashfest new-comer Onthego sports was very appealing. The garments were well crafted, interesting, and most of all the designer’s passion was very obvious, which is important to see.


Eder by Anna – An interesting collection of bold silhouettes and surprising details. I loved the zippered choker details on a lot of the garments.


Stephanie’s Boutique Lingerie – Returning for her second year at Fashfest, this collection showcased the beautiful designs at the local boutique destination for lingerie.


Braddon Tailors – When a collection walks out to Will Smith’s 1997 hit Men In Black, you know that you’re in for a good time. Braddon Tailors showed a very strong collections of men’s and women’s looks in a sea of black and blue. For this all-blue-everything Blogger, it was heaven. I especially loved the women’s looks in this collection, as well as the reliance on texture and pattern in place of multiple colours. Truly, my show of the evening.



Nomi Kids – A huge surprise to end the evening was the launch of Nomi Kids – a new line for children by none other than the founders of Fashfest Clint and Andrea Hutchinson. The designs were ridiculously suave for little people, and it certainly was a high note to end the evening on.