Fashfest 2016 Show 5 – Spectra


Kicking off the last night of Fashfest 2016, the first show was a tour-de-force of designers who are established and comfortable in their style. This collection was polished – every little detail had been thought through carefully by the designers, and the presentation showcased their individual talents perfectly.

The seven collections were set to a soundtrack of local Canberran musicians tonight, with  Simon Anau, Degg and Benjamin Reeve providing a mix of sounds as diverse as the collections. Tonight’s film was provided by Stephan and Andrew Robinson.

But what was Spectra all about? Well, Spectra is a band of colour, or a visual display. This Fashfest show invited the audience to explore where they sit on the fashion spectrum. It was a show for people looking to make a statement and express themselves in true colour, and showing the tools necessary to craft your own fashion identity.

Fashfest 2016 ran from 29 September to 1 October at the award winning National Convention Centre. More information on current and future events is available through the Fashfest website.


Karen Lee – You could be mistaken for believing Karen Lee’s collection for something out of Melbourne or Tokyo fashion weeks, with its unwavering palette of blacks and greys and avant-garde tailoring. But if you look past your initial impressions you can find a rich Canberran DNA running through these pieces. The collection is impeccably crafted, and really is a testament to Karen’s skill as a designer. Beautiful from start to finish.


Edition – Simple and elegant, this collection showed a range of beautifully draped pieces in a muted colour scheme. Cuts were smooth and polished, and the whole look was very refined.


Fashionation Cooma – A collection of local labels available through the boutique, showcasing the best of what they have on offer.


Assemblage Project – Proving once again what an incredible eye she has, Karen Lee’s collection for her boutique Assemblage Project was a perfect showcase of what this exciting boutique brings to the Canberra fashion scene.


Pure Pod – An interesting collection of sustainable designs, with a focus on texture and print. Basic staples in luxe material, with statement pieces to set it off. I was completely obsessed with the accessories by Field & Coppice for this show, which were all made out of ferns, twigs and yarn, and stole the show for me a bit.


Cadia Belante – A new-comer to Fashfest, Cadia showed a new collection of her amazing work with recycled materials. There was a very sports-luxe feel to this collection, with pieces that were layerable, quilted, and at times almost like armour. A great new addition to the Fashfest family.


SZN – Susan Dlouhy returned to Fashfest this year with a vengeance! Like origami for the body, each garment of the collection was made from a 150cm square piece of fabric. The selection of fabrics were of sustainable textiles such as hemp and organic cotton, in a neutral palette of ivory, black and chambray. The collection was gender and size flexible, and very beautifully realised.