Fashfest 2016 Show 4 – Limina



The final show for Fashfest night two was a dynamo of high fashion, soulful tunes and a killer crowd. The night was orchestrated by Fashfest Director of music Ashley Fearud, who mixed collaborations with Neonhoney, DJ Cheese and Hamish Lardi into brilliant soundtrack for the evening. It was Magnifik, to say the very least.

The theme of the show was Limina – a celebration of the moments that change our lives. The audience was invited to explore how we cross thresholds with unique garments. This show was a chance for us all to reflect on those special moments in life, and how what we wear contributes to and builds upon those moments.

I was very impressed by the film featurette by Sebastian Chan. It was bold, relevant and most of all fun. It was like a sparkly Hunger Games of fashion!

Fashfest 2016 runs from 29 September to 1 October at the award winning National Convention Centre. Tickets are still available through the Fashfest website or at the box office.


Zilpah Tart – I had mild concerns that a new collection from Zilpah Tart featuring the now iconic prints of Canberra and the surrounding region might be a bit too much of a good thing, but these were very easily dashed. The collection remained true to the DNA of the label, but built upon designer Yumi Morrissey’s work in brilliant new ways. The living accessories by Peony and Pearl were brilliant.


Megan Cannings Designs – a really beautiful collection of well-tailored gowns and dresses with unique style and execution. The colours were now and the looks were refined and feminine.



Charly Thorn – This collection was really brilliant, and recieved the only standing ovation of the night. Thorn showcased a range of different garments in a palette of dripping golds, and the effect was truly sublime. I see great things in the future of this young designer.

M.J. Bale – Showcasing why M.J. Bale has quickly become the name in Australian ready-to-wear for men, this collection from the Canberra Centre was a brillant showcase of just what makes the label so exciting. Great fabrics, perfect tailoring, it really had it all.


Kira Pizzingrilli – A really interesting collection of new shapes and designs. The cuts were unusual but masterully done, and I fell head-over-heels for the Australiana prints that Pizzingrilli used. Seriously, if there was a blue version I’d be making enquiries!



Naomi Peris Bridal – As someone who is sort of anti-wedding, I don’t really tend to go in for the whole bridal fashion scene. Naomi Peris took my “weddings are dumb” mentality and kicked it in the butt! This collection had really breathtaking design and beautifully realised garments that have given me a new perspective on bridal.

Canberra Vintage Collective – I’m embarrassed to say that I was enjoying this session too much, and waiting in anticipation for the dance number (which was AMAZING, by the by), that I didn’t grab any photos. The clothes were great, but that dancing was out of control!