Fashfest 2016 Show 3 – Praxis


Since it very first graced our fair city with its presence, Fashfest has grown in leaps and bounds. This year the event has partnered with the Canberra Centre, the destination for style in the capital. I will have another post in coming weeks about why I think that this is such a brilliant and important partnership, but for tonight I want to focus on the event itself.

Praxis asked us to engage with and explore fashion in an accessible way. It was a demonstration of how the fashion we wear intertwines with what we do, and how it helps us to take on the day. This was a show for those who use fashion as a way to reflect their life.

Music was provided by the talented James Anthony, Nate Zin and Nico Lupo, and along with a film by Justene Taylor-Cannon, it set the pace for the evening.

Fashfest 2016 runs from 29 September to 1 October at the award winning National Convention Centre. Tickets are still available through the Fashfest website or at the box office.


Saba – A huge variety of sleek, polished looks that would work perfectly in a corporate or more casual setting. This collection was perfectly executed for a Canberran audience.


Seed Heritage – Fresh with a sense of whimsy, this collection was down to earth, casual and very wearable. Fabric selection was impeccable, as is always the case with seed, and styling was beautifully subtle.


Aquila – After building a name for themselves as a mens footwear specialist, Aquila have now expanded their empire to include beautifully constructed menswear pieces. The collection was luxe with a dash of modern playboy. I definitely have my eye on a few pieces now.


Decjuba – Youthful style with an air of sophistication. Decjuba is a relative newcomer to Australian fashion, but their collection was consistent and offered something for every woman.


Country Road – If we think of fashion labels as types of people, Country Road is a silver fox. Country Road has been around for longer than I have been alive. Let that sink in. Tonight’s collection was classic Country Road – cool styling, chic tailoring and fun selections of prints.


Cue – I often make the mistake of thinking that Cue just does office wear, but tonight I was reminded that they make a lot of really stylish, really wearable pieces that define genres of dress. Bold prints and luxe fabrics made this collection.



Veronika Maine – Another strong collection from the evening, Veronika Maine was fun, feminine and refined. Pictured you will see an iris print dress that I am now obsessed with. I’m honestly wondering how many I would need to buy to turn them into a shirt?